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Apr 14 2023

LAC365FO 6.18.3 New Features

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Release version: 6.18.3

Release date: 14th April 2023


This page describes the enhancements in LAC365FO 6.18.3.

Click to view the Release Notes page.


Lasernet Connector F&O version 6.18.3 contains the following models, including the model for integration with D365CE and the models for Lasernet print buttons.





Core and main engine for LAC365FO


Requires activation Key

Lasernet > Setup > Parameters > License terms


Additional requirements in relation to 8.1 and newer versions of standard D365FO


Lasernet print buttons

Print buttons


Adaptor between the Lasernet print buttons and Lasernet


Provide the integration to CE from LAC365FO

Lasernet > Dataverse/Dynamics365


Hotfixes for standard D365FO

System Administration > Setup > Hotfixes from Lasernet

Lasernet Test Suite

Test & Performance Suite

Lasernet > Test and performance suite

Requires activation Key

Lasernet > Test & performance suite > Parameters


Support of Wave labels in D365FO

Lasernet Autoform DM

Integration to the Autoform (Archive)


Please ensure the following new objects/dll-files are added to TFS if you are not just installing/deploying the AOT-package.

  • LACSupport.dll.config

  • XmlDiffPatch.dll

  • XmlDiffPath.View.dll


This is the complete list of objects which are not automatically added:


The version number should be 6.18.3.x as shown, after either installing or deploying the AOT-package.

Lasernet > Setup > Parameters

Platform Update (PU)

Version number




Adding the AOT-package

Add the AOT-package using one of the following methods:

Through LCS

Apply a deployable package to an environment

Install a deployable package


This requires RDP access to environment

LAC365FO 6.18.x is supported with Lasernet 9 and Lasernet 10. A setup for either Lasernet 9 or Lasernet 10 is required for any new installation and when upgrading from Lasernet 8.

Pre-requisite / Technical

It is best practice to do a Stylesheet refresh after upgrading LAC365FO because this could help avoid potential issue(s).

We recommend that you use the following Register selection-classes located in Lasernet > Setup > Backup parameters > Setup Default Selections in case an error like the one shown in the example is thrown when using Export, Import or Copy across companies (legal entities).

The newly introduced upgrade framework in LAC365FO 6.18 should manage but could ’fail’ in a scenario when using a TFS/Dev build as this would require executing Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.Deployment.Setup.exe


Please try to run ’Register selection-classes’ before processing


Cannot create a record in Lasernet default export/import selection (LACDefaultSelection). The record already exists.

What’s New


"Buffer for call of SrsTmpTblMarshaller::deleteTmpTblData is not specified" when printing Cheque Replacement Report

Using a replacement (Query) for the French cheque (Report: Cheque_FR) threw the following Error message:

Buffer for call of SrsTmpTblMarshaller::deleteTmpTblData is not specified. at Dynamics.AX.Application.LACUtils.`Global_StackInfo(XppPrePostArgs _args) in xppSource://Source/Lasernet\AxClass_LACUtils.xpp:line 1299 at


We recommend that you consider the following when working with cheques in Dynamics 365:

  • Resend with force-rerun from the Lasernet Archive is not supported for the cheque reports. This is due to the Microsoft logic of not being able to regenerate the same cheque again – for obvious reasons.

  • Having a large amount in the Debit/Credit (13 or more characters) field would, when using replacement, show the following warnings: The field value is too long Amount and The field value is too long Amount in text

    The same behaviour applies when using standard SSRS/Report but the warning is not shown – because it would be shown at the Reporting server and therefore is not expected to show in Dynamics D365FO.


"Object Reference not set to an instance of an object." When printing to predefined destinations on all SSRS reports on LAC 6.18.2 and PU 10.0.31

Using SSRS as the origin for Lasernet reports (a legacy way of working with Lasernet) threw the following error when using predefined destinations: Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

The SSRS report with Lasernet was still generated and delivered. Even though the error message was thrown.

There are no issues when using replacement reports.


A blank screen was shown if 'Preview in new browser tab' was enabled.

In some cases, Resend (preview) of a document showed an empty screen in the Form from which the Preview was initiated (started).

This was only an issue when having the Preview in new browser tab option enabled Lasernet > Setup > Lists > File formats

An empty screen with no entries (records) would be shown in the Form – see the following example.

Re-showing/re-sending the document from Lasernet > Common > Archive


In some situations, an empty screen was shown.

Result in Lasernet Archive

Expected result in Lasernet Archive



A similar issue occurred when posting and previewing a document such as Sales-invoice, Sales-confirmation and when Preview in new separate browser tab was enabled.

The ‘Preview in new browser tab’ option was also used when reviewing a document in previous versions of LAC365FO.

LAC356FO version 6.18.3 does not use the setting for the Preview in new browser tab but does always show the document within the same browser session/tab.

Enabling ‘Preview in new browser tab’ for a specific file type/format is located in Lasernet > Setup > Lists > File formats


Using SharePoint on PU56 (10.0.32) or newer failed

Using LAC365FO version 6.18.2 or earlier with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operation version 10.0.32 (PU56) or later threw the error when using SharePoint for Lasernet.

Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Connections

The error was thrown when entering information in relation to SharePoint (like Subsite, Folder), validating connection/server or when processing a Report to SharePoint through Lasernet.


Method not found: 'Void Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.SharePoint.RestProxyBase.AddAuthentication(System.Net.HttpWebRequest)'.

{"error_description":"ID3035: The request was not valid or is malformed."}

LAC365FO version 6.18.3 is compliant with SharePoint in both earlier and later versions of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

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