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Jan 11 2023

Slow performance in newer version of Lasernet FO Connector (PU54 - 10.0.30)

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We have identified a performance issue in the newer versions of Lasernet FO Connector starting from PU54 - 10.0.30.

Microsoft introduced a "Session Recovery" which can cause overhead when modifying a record within a complex Form and/or when having many records in the form. This may occur in the Form we are using for the structure/elements in Lasernet FO Connector.

The issue has been identified in both PU54 (10.0.30) and PU55 (10.0.31-PEAP) and has been escalated to Microsoft. There is currently no timeline for a fix. but Microsoft have agreed that those experiencing this issue can get it fixed by having the flight named "Session Recovery" disabled.

If you experience slow performance in the User Interface (UI), create a Microsoft support ticket and request to get the flight "Session Recovery" disabled.

Please add the following reference to your support ticket:

Formpipe Support request number: 2212160050000735

Additional Information

You can identify if slowness in performance may be related to this specific flight setting by checking if the value for the field VOLATILE_ISSESSIONRECOVERYENABLED is set to 1. Having the value set to 1 means the flight for the session-recovery is enabled and could be the reason for slowness within the UI.

Table-Name: SysGlobalConfiguration


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