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Nov 2 2022

OpenSSL Vulnerability

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OpenSSL has recently released an advisory on a potential vulnerability found in versions 3.0.0 to 3.0.6:

After the release of this advisory, we investigated our software and libraries used by the software in order to make the following statement:

  • Formpipe Cloud does not use OpenSSL for any of the infrastructure, and is therefore unaffected by the advisory.

  • Autoform DM and Dynamics 365 Connectors do not use OpenSSL and are therefore unaffected by the advisory.

  • Lasernet does not directly use OpenSSL, some libraries within Lasernet do use OpenSSL, however, the versions of OpenSSL used are not in the affected versions, so Lasernet is unaffected by the advisory.

While none of our products ship with an affected version of OpenSSL, it can be used in conjunction with them by internal teams. This would never have been set up or configured by Formpipe.

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