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May 28 2021

New Portal - Migration Plan

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Welcome to our new Portal!

As of the 1st June 2021, this portal is going to be open to all Formpipe Partners and Customers that run Lasernet, Autoform DM, Dynamics 365 FO/CE/BC Connectors, Temenos Interfaces, and those that use our Formpipe Cloud.

To improve the support experience, this new Portal is the first step in consolidating all sources of Product and Support information into one place. This post will be updated with details of the process of this consolidation and migration.

Where are we currently?
    • Tickets - All new tickets should be raised in this new Portal
      • Existing tickets will be migrated over the course of the next week. Everyone should have visibility of their own tickets but if they need to see tickets raised by their organisation it can be requested from Formpipe Support.
    • KB Articles - all KB articles will still be viewable on Freshdesk, however they are currently getting migrated as part of a documentation overhaul into this new Portal. All Lasernet articles are completed and Dynamics FO Connector articles are due to be finished within the next two weeks. Freshdesk will not be closed until all articles are live on this new Portal. 
    • All Lasernet  Autoform DM articles are now on this Portal
    • DM Client, jFinder and BPM articles will be completed over the next couple of months.
    • Manuals will be accessible in PDF format within the next week.
    • The legacy Support Site will not be shut down until all this has finished.
    • This site is still running and the information is still updated.
    • New release notes will be put on the Release Notes section of this Portal
    • Older release notes will be migrated over time.
    • Installers will be migrated within the news few months.
  • Manuals
    • All manuals will eventually be turned into online versions, this is a major undertaking so will take several months (if not longer) to finish. But this will allow all manuals to be searched automatically from the Portal, linked to tickets and updated without needing to share very large files. 
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