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Feb 29 2024

Leap Day Issue in Lasernet - Updated at 15:00 BST

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A scheduling error has occurred caused by the Leap Day (29th February), which is causing older versions of Lasernet - with specific types of configurations - to have stopped working starting from 00:00 29th February 2024.

This issue exists in versions of Lasernet ranging from 8 to 10, in the Scheduler.

As a fix, disable the Scheduler for today so that jobs run immediately, and then re-enable the Scheduler tomorrow.

If you cannot connect to the Developer, we can provide a workaround: change the system date on the server to 27/02/2024 today, and tomorrow you can change it back to 01/03/24. This will allow Lasernet to continue running through today.

This fix can be implemented in any version without needing to upgrade. However, the long-term recommendation is to always upgrade to the latest version of Lasernet.

Our Cloud-hosted customers are being actively monitored for any issues, and logs are being inspected by the team.

We are investigating a permanent fix for a future release of Lasernet and will announce release dates in due course.

If you need to raise a Support Ticket, please do so through our contact form and remember to include:

Additional information will be provided on our Support Portal as it becomes available.

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