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Mar 18 2022

Lasernet Documentation – In the Pipeline!

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With more and more of our partners and clients visiting our help portal on a day-to-day basis, it is essential for us to ensure that our digital content is appealing and in line with the latest versions of our software. With that thought in mind, we would like to let you know what is currently in progress and what to expect during 2022.

Lasernet Manuals

As you may know, our manuals contain an abundance of useful information related to your product. These are currently undergoing a complete overhaul to be in tune with the latest Lasernet releases. They will be available as guides in our Guides section of the Portal, ensuring the following:

  • Easy navigation through an indexed library of instructive content 
  • Searchable topics
  • The inclusion of new images/GIFs
  • The inclusion of contextual links to relevant areas of the help desk
  • The ability to publish live updates more regularly
  • Related video content (such as our Formbytes series)

To see our current selection of Lasernet guides, please see our Lasernet 10 Guide page.

Lasernet FAQs

With more new features enhancing the usability of our Lasernet product, our FAQs list is building and it is our priority to ensure the articles are also relevant to the latest version of Lasernet and address the issues that you are encountering as you become accustomed to the software. We anticipate this work to begin in June 2022.

Video Content

With a new team of Digital Content Creators onboard, we are working hard to create and release more video tutorials relating to using your software.

Article Requests

In addition to our revised FAQs, we are receiving requests for articles and video content to deal with new issues you may face. These articles, as with other content, go through a technical refining process to ensure accuracy and consistency. We endeavor to be releasing two to three updated or completely new articles per week by the end of 2022.

Lasernet Training Content

We have a wealth of Lasernet training content that we aim to revitalise and make appealing to all. We are looking at ways to make these training 'courses' more interactive, ensuring a fast and enjoyable way of learning the Lasernet skillset. 

Lasernet Documentation Roadmap 2022-23

For an idea of our plan for this year, please click the roadmap below:

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