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May 11 2023

Lasernet FO Connector 10.0.34 (PU 58) compatibility with Lasernet

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The PEAP version of Lasernet FO Connector 10.0.34 (PU58) which is planned to get general availability (self-update) on June 16, 2023 is not compliant with any existing versions of Lasernet FO Connector if Azure is used for the communication between Lasernet FO Connector and Lasernet.

The issue is caused by some files (.NET files used for Azure) that have been updated within the standard Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Microsoft experienced a similar issue(s) in relation to their DRA (Document Routing Agent).

We have prepared 6.18.4 for 10.0.34 (PU58). The reason for this new "sub-version" is the failure of loading printers from the Cloud print connector as the RetryPolicy has been deprecated in the newer/updated version of the updated .NET file used for Azure (Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage).

The following error message would be displayed when loading printers from the Cloud Print Connector (CPC):

There are no issues on the Lasernet Core, Lasernet Cloud Print Connector, or the Lasernet CE Connector.


Upgrade your Lasernet Connector to version 6.18.4 - when upgrading your Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to version 10.0.34.

Contact us if you have a Lasernet Connector still running version 5.

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