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Nov 12 2021

Lasernet BC Connector

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Lasernet BC Connector Release Version

Release date: 12th November 2021

New Features and Enhancements

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and enhancements of Lasernet BC Connector

#258773 – Purchase Credit Memo report support 

Together, with the new Purchase Credit Memo, Lasernet Connector for Business Central now supports 22 reports. 

#258770 – Purchase Invoice report support 

Along with the new Purchase Invoice, Lasernet Connector for Business Central now supports 22 reports. 

#267139 – Import Archive data 

We have improved the Export / Import module and made it possible to import Archive data that was exported from Lasernet Connector for Business Central when making an upgrade to smoother.

#270411 – Update Report Setup 

When updating the report list with newly added reports, the Reset Setup feature was used. Although this worked very well,  it deactivated all the reports on the list.

Now, when using the Update Report Setup feature, newly added reports will appear on the report list with a simple click. All existing reports will stay active. 

#271390 – Published events improvements 

Published events provide a hook-up point. In this version, we have made several improvements such as adding published events to all reports and obtaining Custom Fields records. 

#267035 – Missing permission on the Translation Target table issue 

Translation Target table was not added to default permissions. This has now been fixed. 

#263563 – Copy Document issue in Document Layout 

Copy Document function returned “The given key was not present in the dictionary” error. This has now been fixed. 

#204478 – Import issue 

Before if we export data and then import it into a client that is configured to use another language – the import would fail. This has now been fixed. 

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