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Sept 23 2022

Autoform DM Integration into Dynamics

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The latest version of Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (LAC365FO) version 6.18.0 is now available and includes an integration of Autoform DM. 

For more information on Autoform DM for Dynamics 365, please see the Introduction to Autoform DM for Dynamics 365 Knowledgebase page.

Click to download LAC365FO version 6.18.0.

Click to view the LAC365FO version 6.18.0 Release Notes.

Main Features

The following Autoform DM integrations and enhancements are now included with this version of LAC365FO:

  • Seamlessly connect to Microsoft Dynamics
  • View all documentation for a specific account within the F&O interface
  • Search for and retrieve documents quickly
  • Share F&O documents with non-D365 users
  • Enable access to document sets for customers or suppliers, external of your domain
  • Secure storage of all files (PDFs, invoices, video files, audio files) alongside metadata
  • Automatic indexing and content type allocation
  • Centralized administration and access controls
  • A fast and simple Document Import tool
  • ISO 27001 compliant

Further Information and Links

For more details about this product, please see the Autoform DM for Dynamics page on the Formpipe site.

A full description of the Autoform DM integration enhancements can be found in the relevant additions to the Finance & Operations Connector Guide.

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