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Jan 10 2020

Autoform DM 9.0

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DM Release Version 9.0

Release date: 10th January 2020

Notable Changes

These changes should be considered before upgrading:

  • Applets have been removed from standard installs.
  • Client SQL execution is no longer possible via webservices v1.
  • Database upgrades for existing customers with large databases (millions of documents) may take a long time – the transaction timeout has been raised to 60 minutes to assist with this.
  • Windows Server 2008 (and R2) are no longer supported.
  • JFinder can no longer connect to AUTOFORM DM over HTTPS due to removed support for SSLv2 Hello (HTTP works as before).
  • The Lasernet Upload Module must be upgraded to 2.0.1 to work with AUTOFORM DM 9+. This will be included in the Lasernet 9.8 release as standard.

New Features

The following new features have been added since our last release:


  • Added Audit Settings resource.
  • Added SQL Search resource.
  • Modified Licence resource to allow enabling of evaluation mode and provide richer licensing information.
  • Modified Configuration resource models to allow import and export of Audit Settings.

Performance Improvements

The following performance enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Optimised use of EJBs.
  • Optimised caching of users and document archive paths.
  • Utilised Hibernate’s Natural ID cache.
  • Non-admin users can no longer view a list of usernames via the UserListAction page.

Usability Improvements

The following usability enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Removed the ‘consecutive character’ option from password settings.
  • Improved usability of the REST SDK deliverables.
  • Standardised navigation of the ‘home’ button across admin screens.
  • Removed Basic/Advanced buttons from all screens, the default now shows all options.
  • Invalid name identifiers now cause the upgrade to fail (with options for resolution), rather than silently cause residual problems.
  • Auditing Enhancements.
  • Dependency Updates.
  • Installer Improvements:
    • Patch version removed from installer to support future .ear deployment patch upgrades.
    • All installs are now configured with HTTPS as standard; an auto-generated certificate can be created if one isn’t available.
    • The management console user can now be specified during the install.
    • All installs now generate a properties file that can be used by silent installs.
  • Evaluation Mode.


The following list contains details of fixes we have implemented since the last release:

  • The Login screen for web integrations now renders with updated styles.
  • The Name validation on application screens has been improved.
  • The Client App Resource now correctly validates the application name.
  • Webservice v1 ‘loadDocument’ now handles invalid IDs rather than throwing a NullPointerException.
  • Session timeout now correctly affects newer document definition and key definition screens.
  • The Download button works correctly in remote search integration.
  • Application edit screen no longer breaks when using French locale.
  • Resolved an issue where in certain cases, old client queries weren’t being routed to tblCustomSettings.
  • JFinder now correctly no longer counts towards the concurrent session licence limitation.
  • Deletion of a document definition now returns users to the list screen (as expected).
  • Sessions that have been logged out no longer count towards ‘mutliple locations’ limitation during the cleanup
  • Added validation to the Document Resource to ensure the ID in patch matches that in the body.
  • Resolved an issue where importing document definitions using the same key definition would fail.
  • UI now correctly represents application access in the user manager.
  • The REST contacts resource now correctly treats the user field as read-only.
  • Roles screens no longer show or affect deleted/disabled users.
  • Document ID can now be used correctly as a parameter in webservices v2 searches.
  • Resolved an issue with configuration management preventing users and their extended properties from being created.
  • Configuration management no longer affects client application versions during an update.

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