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Jul 2 2019

Autoform DM 8.4.0

Authors list

DM Release Version 8.4

Release date: 3rd July 2019

Notable Changes

These changes should be considered before upgrading:

  • Fixed an issue in name validation which incorrectly allowed names such as ‘test’-, -‘test’ and ‘test—’.
  • Names can no longer start or end with a dash, or have more than one consecutive dash. 

New Features

The following new features have been added since our last release:

Configuration Management

The new import and export screens allow AUTOFORM DM administrators to streamline management of their configuration across environments, as well as boasting the following features:

  • REST API resources to automate export, validate and import operations.
  • Intuitive and flexible UI for selective export creation.
  • UI for validation / import providing feedback and error reporting.


  • Added ‘Client App’ Resource.
  • Added ‘Settings’ and ‘Custom Settings’ Resource.
  • Added ‘Configuration Management’ Resource.
  • Update ‘Documents’ resource with an endpoint for deleting document files while maintaining metadata.


The following list contains details of fixes we have implemented since the last release:

  • Default input functions on query keys can now be parsed correctly when the field is empty.
  • The list of document definitions is no longer cut-off at the bottom of the screen when more document definitions are added.
  • Resolved an issue preventing users with special characters in their username from changing their password.
  • Unsaved changes warning dialog now always shows on key and document definition manager pages.
  • The Footer no longer overlaps with long document definition lists.
  • The Add button works with longer lists when binding document definitions and key definitions.
  • Group deletion now updates application access via groups.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the update of application visibility.
  • REST API now checks user status correctly during authorisation.
  • We have tidied a misleading WARN message from logs.
  • Resolved an issue where enabling password expiration caused exceptions in the logs.
  • Spaces in document file extension no longer cause issues.
  • Attempting to create a keydef with a duplicate DB identifier now shows the correct response code.
  • Resolved issues around duplicate system keys in search results.
  • Login screen message now correctly shows a new icon.
  • Removed misleading automatic updating option from search configuration.
  • Applications of different types but with the same name are handled correctly by the front-end.
  • Temporary password no longer visible in log files when resetting the password.
  • Entering an invalid account expiry date now prevents user creation.
  • Removed the numbering option from the search configuration.
  • Improved user roles mapping to better enforce the relationship.
  • Updating documents by CUK in webservices v1 should now work as expected.
  • Added logic to prevent being able to disable all admin users (via roles removal).
  • Note metadata and icons now display correctly in search results.
  • Screens now gracefully handle invalid names.
  • Resolved various cases of UTF-8 characters not rendering correctly in the front end.
  • Resolved a problem preventing the uninstaller from removing all files and registry entries.
  • Sorting by document definition in searches no longer throws errors.
  • Resolved issue allowing deletion of the ‘last’ admin user in some cases.
  • User property labels are now correctly translated via webservices v1.

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