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Nov 1 2018

Autoform DM 8.3.0

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DM Release Version 8.3.0

Release date: 1st November 2018

Performance Improvements

The following performance enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Addition of hibernation relationship cache for various entities.
  • Upload subsystem reworked to reduce file IO.
  • Configurable parameter for deflate level for upload performance increase.
  • Added session lock caching to improve REST document creation performance.


The following REST API improvements have now been implemented:

  • Added AddressBookResource.
  • Added NoteDefResource.
  • Added UserResource.
  • Added GroupResource.
  • Added multipart POST to DocumentResource for providing file, metadata, notes, and line items in a single request.
  • Added ApplicationsResource.
  • Updated Swagger and OpenAPI 3.0 with revamped documentation.


The following security enhancements have now been implemented:

  • Resolved an issue with session information leakage to non-admin users.
  • Updated jquery js library to version 3.3.1.
  • Removed application server information headers.
  • Updated moment js library to version 2.22.2.
  • Session cookies are now HTTP only.
  • Resolved XSS vulnerabilities in remote.jsp and previewdocument servlet.


The following list contains details of fixes we have implemented since the last release:

  • Improved validation on Note Definition Manager.
  • AUTOFORM DM automatically re-activates after an upgrade.
  • IP address is now shown correctly on the frontend when accessing AUTOFORM DM via a load balancer.
  • The installer now has improved support for an SDC installation.
  • Resolved an issue preventing licence activation from working via Swagger.
  • File version dropdown is now working correctly for IE11.
  • Resolved misalignment in the column width on oracle vs mssql.
  • Increased the validation to prevent the removal of the last admin user from the admin role.
  • Swagger docs no longer render incorrectly due to method ambiguity.
  • Updated logging config to avoid a large stdout file growth.

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