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Feb 27 2018

Autoform BPM 3.1

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BPM Release Version 3.1

Release date: 27th February 2018

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of BPM version 3.1.

Email Import job enhancements

  • Verify all documents are processed.
  • Made inbox name and received date available to contextualizer.
  • Archiving of email messages.
  • Unique case identifier.
  • Implement email attachment stripping.
  • Improved installer:
    • Updated installer for multiple instances.
    • Added a unique service name validator to the installer.
    • Updated installer to provide unique names for add-remove programs panel in windows.


  • Forced BPM logs to use UTF8.
  • Unable to install BPM when you set the port offset to custom mode.
  • Job Configuration for attachment docdef not clear.
  • Company logo image from footer archived where no file is attached.
  • Active Directory authentication cannot be enabled.
  • Unable to open individual BPM UI instances in separate tabs.
  • BPM v3.0.5 does not process emails that are successfully processed in v2.6.
  • Email body too big for DM key.
  • Email Import jobs fail but nothing logged or shown in UI.
  • Emails without attachment Import job not processing.
  • Email Import Job – job fails saving the document to DM with SQL data truncation error.
  • POP3 emails not processing.
  • Job failing – Create on no attachments (With attachment).
  • Generic Email Import – Optional Search/Import causes configuration parse failure if left blank.
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