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How to determine environment type and solve a SSRS fix report issue? - Knowledgebase / D365 FO Connector / D365 FO Connector FAQs - Formpipe Support Portal

How to determine environment type and solve a SSRS fix report issue?

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This article describes the steps to obtain more information to determine the self-service environment and recommend steps and a solution to troubleshoot an SSRS fix report issue.

To determine the environment, Formpipe Support would need the details from the image below from LAC365FO if it's not already provided. This will be applicable for LAC365FO version 6.6 and above.

For a Microsoft-managed hosting environment, the value will be 'ComputeEmulator' and for Self-service, its 'ServiceFabric'.

For LAC365FO versions older than 6.6.0, a screenshot of the Server instance  type would confirm if environment is self service or Microsoft managed. To determine this,  follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Module > System administration > Users > Online users.

2. Click the Server instances option.

3. Locate the Type column

'SF'  would identify it's a self-service environment.

LAC365FO version older than 6.6.0

The information below is applicable to LAC365FO versions older than 6.6.0 where SSRS Fix Report is used, and upgrading to LAC 6.6.0 is not an option.

There are different issues associated with changes to the Self-Service environment. Details can be accessed here

1. Confirm the environment in which the issue occurs (the deployment is expected to be without issues in the Tier 1/Development environment).

2. Verify if the test environment (Tier2+) is self-service or Microsoft-managed.

3. If the affected environment is determined to be self-service, use the link to download the model file or package.

The article in the link below describes all known issues in relation to Self-service for which a hotfix is applicable.

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