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Jan 25 2023

Support Lifecycle for Formpipe Software

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For many years, Formpipe has worked hard to ensure that the level of support delivered for all supported versions of our products is kept at a high and consistent level. Part of this involves frequent reviews of our support and product development lifecycles.

We have identified improvements to ensure clarity and consistency across all products.

Support Categories

The new guidelines for the support lifecycle for each product will be as follows:

Active Development

The latest major release (for example, Lasernet 10) is under "Active Development"; this means it will have all new features and updates added to it.

Active Support

The previous major release (for example, Lasernet 9) is under "Active Support"; this is one level below Active Development. It will not receive all the new features but will have bug and security fixes.


Bugs must be reported and verified in the version covered by active support. Where possible, bug fixes will be included for earlier versions, possibly with limitations).

Long-Term Support

The previous release to that under Active Support (for example, Lasernet 8) is covered by "Long-Term Support" for a period of 12 months after it leaves Active Support. This is to allow upgrades that may require the completion of a longer testing period before ending support. Such versions will be supported but our ability to fix issues in these is severely limited and issues may require an upgrade. 


The differences between the support categories are shown:


Active Development

Active Support

Long-Term Support

New features/enhancements



Technical Support

Defect Support


Security Updates


Feature Requests



*Only where possible for a particular version.

Our goals with these changes are to:

  • Improve support of products by reducing the number of versions under active development.

  • Give clearer guidelines on the current stage of development and support for particular versions. 

  • Increase efficiency of issue resolution by ensuring that the latest features are available to all.


Since all changes to supported versions could have an impact on anyone running these versions, these changes will be implemented after 1st January 2023. Anyone contacting Support should be using one of these three supported versions; any tickets created in earlier versions may not be investigated until an upgrade has been performed.

Please contact a Formpipe representative to see how we can assist or what options are available.

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