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Aug 27 2020

Temenos Changelog

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New Features and Fixes

This page covers the changelog for the Temenos Integrations. 

4.5.1 - 27th August 2020 

  • Document Download Servlet fails to identify content type for msg files 

4.5.0 - 22nd May 2020 

  • New version of the NoFile Enquiry for R20 (Java L3) compatibility 

  • Improvements to the Document Upload integration for better flexibility 

  • Added obfuscation for logging of properties containing passwords 

4.4.0 - 29th January 2020 

  • This version requires Log4J 1.2.12+ 

  • Default format for tif image conversion has been changed from jpg to png for improved compatibility 

  • Added support for auditing information to Document Download (AUTOFORM DM 9.0+ only) 

  • Improved Image Enquiry response handling to ensure requests and temporary files correctly cleaned up 

4.3.5 - 1st Mar 2019 

This version requires Log4J 1.2.12+ 

  • Fixed bug with PrintPreview setting servlet property in such a way it breaks T24 filters. Fixed issue with special characters in DM credentials breaking requests. 

4.3.4 - 25th Sep 2018 

  • This version requires Log4J 1.2.12+ 

  • Fixed issue with TIFF files downloading as 0kb files.

  • Improved plugin registration for ImageIO handlers

4.3.3 - 15th Aug 2018 

  • This version requires Log4J 1.2.12+ 

  • Update SDD to handle custom filename 

  • Add support for image conversion to Document Download Interfaces, improved EDGE components logging and updated legal licence information 

4.3.2 - 16th May 2018 

  • Allow more flexible print preview enquiry names 

4.3.1 - 5th December 2017 

This version introduces a requirement for Java 7+ due to the usage of ImageIO libraries.

  • Fixed security vulnerability in commons fileupload library 

  • Fixed tiff to JPG image conversion in dataservlet when viewing images from DM 

  • Updated AUTOFORM EMBED component to do tiff to jpg conversion 

4.3.0 - 31st August 2017 

This version includes a BrowserWeb alternative to the Secure Document Download that does not depend on tocfee.ear 

  • Fixed RuntimeException - missing file in document upload 

  • Improved Edge component failure behaviour 

4.2.0 - 22th February 2017 

A new integration (Document Upload) is introduced for Browser.

  • Change request for photo service script 

  • Update print preview to make use of multiple threaded input ports 

  • Edge jars do not deploy in JBoss - Invalid signature file digest 

  • Implement Document Upload 

  • Update DocumentUploadRule to stream the data 

4.1.7 - 27th September 2016

  • Different custom.js functions on the wiki and in interface packs 

4.1.6 - 5th August 2016

  • Implicit request method causes issues on WebLogic 

  • Get browser interfaces building under java 1.5 

  •  Print Preview fails on WebLogic 

4.1.5 - 24th June 2016

  • (Print Preview) Fixes security vulnerability with leaked Lasernet endpoint credentials. 

4.1.4 - 15th June 2016

  • (Print Preview) Change log4j dependency to lowest common denominator 

4.1.3 - 19th April 2016

  • Generate integration fails for empty DataItems 

4.1.2 - 13th April 2016

  • Lasernet Connection Timeout in documented as seconds, but it is interpreted in milliseconds. Affects Print Preview and Generate 

Please be aware that this introduces a dependency on Log4J 1.2.12+, version 4.1.4+ removes the dependency.

  • Fix issue with services meta-data not reflecting shaded class location 

4.1.0 - 3rd December 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • SDD no longer returns dummy PDF when there is no DM connection 

  • Print preview to return any document type 

  • Update SDD to allow multiple environment configuration 

  • Investigate if properties files can be stored outside the jar files 

  • Update password encryption algorithm 

  • Edge should not have plain text password for DM in config 

With this upgrade, make sure the tcserver.xml for the SDD does not have a value for download path unless required for multiple DM use: <DOWNLOAD_PATH></DOWNLOAD_PATH> - please see the configuration for details on connecting to multiple DM servers

4.0.1 - 29th September 2015

Fixes and Improvements

  • Issues with image resize quality in DataServlet 

  • Data servlet does not resize images as expected when both width and height are specified 

4.0 - 9th September 2015 

Image conversion (Tif to JPEG) is now part of DataServlet and may be removed from the DM server, anyone relying on image conversion should ensure they upgrade to this release. 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Add a default error img to the DataServlet Project 

  • Lasernet connection validation errors not clear 

  • Change interfaces to be compiled by Java 5 

  • PrintPreview - Retry logic should include connection selection 

  • Adds the ability for DataServlet to resize images on the fly, as well as do Tiff to JPEG conversion 

3.12 - 24th July 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Improve failure behaviour of SDD 

  • Interfaces should have retry behaviour 

  • It should be possible to authenticate Print Preview requests 

  • Print preview - “Method not allowed” at BTMU 

3.11 - 12th May 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Multiple custom rules within the same project are getting mixed up configuration tabs 

3.10 - 5th May 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where edge dependencies were included in EMBED package 

  • Made EMBED content type dynamic 

3.9 - 30th April 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Rebranding of components 

3.8 - 29th April 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Minor documentation updates 

3.7 - 22nd April 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • SDD only returning partial PDFs due to unknown fault in streaming 

  • Removed references to environmental variable EFS_T24_DONT_STREAM_RESPONSES as no longer streaming to client 

  • Added environmental variable EFS_T24_KEEP_TEMP_FILES which can be used to retain temporary files for analysis 

3.6 - 21st April 2015 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added EdgeConnect components 

3.4 - 14th April 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed packaging issue affecting 3.3 

3.3 - 10th April 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • Improve memory efficiency. Added environmental property EFS_T24_DONT_STREAM_RESPONSES which will use temporary files if it has a value. 

  • Precompile NOFILE routine jar (with eclipse) for use with TAFJ modelbank 

  • Add misc files to project so that they are deployed to artifactory 

3.2 - 17th March 2015

Fixes and Improvements
  • SDD picking up DM configuration from NOFILE integration 

3.1 - 11th March 2015

Fixes and Improvements 
  • Fixed an issue with Print Preview not including all values in xml 

3.0 - 9th March 2015 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix PrintPreview packaging which meant not all dependencies were shaded correctly (ie commons-io and commons-lang3 jars were still required) 

2.24 - 1st February 2015

We no longer package based on T24 version . Note that from this version on, the NOFILE, SDD and DataServlet integrations require DM 7.2.19 

Large rewrite, removing all dependencies. Interfaces are now single jar solutions. 

2.23 - 23rd January 2015 

Package missing.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added JBoss EAP 6.1 support (created modules structure and removed dependency on Spring) 

2.22 - 24th November 2014

Packaged as 14.0.6-MB 

Note that from this version on, the NOFILE enquiry will require DM 7.2.17.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Print preview response being committed in filter chain 

  • Move NoFileServlet into DM 

  • Adding parameter for 'K2 Batch ID' to the DM Search breaks the NOFILE enquiry 

2.21 - 30th October 2014 

Packaged as 14.0.5-MB.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Additional fix to make file fetch hint optional and remove OutOfMemory errors 

  • Make jasypt encryption not crash interface when not in use 

2.20 - 29th October 2014 

Packaged as 14.0.4-MB.

Fixes and Improvements
  • File Type (extension) not being returned to T24 from DM 

  • Also resolves an issue with NOFILE returning the whole file unnecessarily 

2.19 - 28th October 2014 

Packaged as 14.0.3-MB.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Created Print Preview test war 

  • Removed Print Preview's dependancy on common. 

2.18 - 7th October 2014 

Packaged as 14.0.2-MB.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added ability to encrypt credentials on filesystem. 

2.17 - 29th July 2014 

Packaged as 14.0.1-MB.

Fixes and Improvements
  • NOFILE Servlet should be configurable to expect requests from multiple sources 

2.16 - 18th July 2014

Package missing.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added test servlet for new TOCF based ISP integration 

2.15 - 18th July 2014 

Package missing.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added new TOCF based ISP integration 

2.13 - 9th May 2014

Packaged as 14.0.0-MB.

Fixes and Improvements 
  • Print Preview not waiting for pool to refill 

2.12 - 5th March 2014

Packaged as 13.0.1-TAFC.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Print preview 2.11 not working 

2.11 - 22nd January 2014 

Packaged as 13.0.0-TAFC. 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Interfaces Cannot add Spring to web.xml (Print Preview no longer depends on spring) 

  • Add connection pooling to Print Preview 

  • Support for conversion of Asian (and potentially other) characters in print preview 

2.10 - 31st October 2013 

Packaged as 12.1.5.

Fixes and Improvements
  • NOFILE routine and java code using different FM/VM delimiters 

2.9 - 18th October 2013

Packaged as 12.1.4. 

Contains changes for the print preview to support the Signature Application 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Modify PrintPreview so that it can be used for one-way requests 

  • Javascript for Signature Capture process should generate a unique correlation id 

2.8 - 27th August 2013 

Packaged as 12.1.3.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Since upgrading to 12.1.2 java process is constantly running at 50% 

2.7 - 25th July 2013

Packaged as 12.1.2. 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Internet browser not showing French characters after install of T24 interfaces 

2.6 - 12th June 2013

Packaged as 12.1.1. 

Print Preview is now included as part of the whole interface bundle 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Integrate the Print Preview into the main project 

  • Implement failover for LaserNet requests 

  • Update Branding 

  • Add parameter passing from the original button to LaserNet 

  • Allow configuration of the NoFileServlet with the server address where the NOFILE Enquiry is executed 

2.5 - 11th April 2013 

Started packaging based on the T24 version.

Packaged as 12.1.0.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Connection refused error in NoFile caused by hardcoded PDMNoFileServlet location 

2.4 - 27th March 2013 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Error deploying both NoFile and the DataServlet at the same time 

2.3 - 16th January 2013

NOFILE Enquiry is now included as part of the whole interface bundle. See the old NOFILE Change log for past versions 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Rewrite NOFILE against Webservices v2 

  • Improve the debugging of the routine that executes the NO FILE enquiry 

  • Rewritten NO FILE interface not working on R12.1 

2.2 - 12th June 2012 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Spaces in ISP-based enquiries facilitated by using &nbsp; 

2.1 - 18th April 2012 

Fixes and Improvements
  • R12 compatibility 

  • Configuration of wait period and number of retries when a document is not found (in common jar, spring-services.xml) 

  • Remove excessive webservice logging 

2.0 - 6th December 2011 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Large rewrite against new PDM Webservices v2 

  • Configuration now different - see docs 

  • Performance hit on first query, but then faster than old versions of interface 

  • Better logging to see what is going on 

  • Timing information in the logs to identify slow points 

  • Troubleshooting section on doc page 

  • Unit tested to the hilt 

1.8 - 31st Oct 2013 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Updated PDMInputStreamProvider to implement extra overload (method) needed for R12 (and potentially other versions) 

1.7 - 15th Nov 2010 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added support for multiple query parameters 

Note: must be updated 

1.6 - 8th Oct 2010 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Removed redundant PDM Web Service client classes that are in the pdmwebsvc-client.jar 

1.5 - 8th Oct 2010

Fixes and Improvements 
  • Failed TeamCity build 

1.4 - 5th Oct 2010 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Modified to look for the file on the classpath instead in the directory specified by the catalina.base environment variable 

1.3 - 18th May 2010 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Issue with NullPointerException when downloading a file from PDM when using with older versions of PDM 

1.2 - 18th May 2010 

Fixes and Improvements
  • Modified so the Secure Document Download and Image Enquiry use different query strings in the file 

  • Uses different PDM Web Service method so there is no limit on the size of the file being downloaded 

  • TIF files that are downloaded are converted to JPG before they are returned

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