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Oct 16 2017


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Lasernet One2One Release Version

Release date: 5th January 2021

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of Lasernet One2One Version

New Features

  • Hyperlinks.
  • Preview HTML output.
  • Search from one2one designer, now includes filtering possibilities.
  • AD Authentication.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2016.


  • GetDocumentData now returns data from subphases participating in a document.
  • Excel Reports, added columns,  approved by, approval date.
  • Designer: The list of phrase conditions does not go blank when more than eight conditions have been set.
  • Designer: Delete button not working in the filter pane of One2One Designer.
  • WebService: AutoActivate documents previous versions, set all versions as active.

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