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Oct 13 2021

On Demand: Lasernet Version 10.1 Release Overview

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Thursday 14th October 2021 saw another excellent walkthrough of the latest release notes of Lasernet version 10.1. We are pleased to report that we have had some positive feedback from the webinar and would like to share some of the questions and answers that were covered during the session, along with the recorded webinar and some useful links.

Webinar Video

Please click the link below to watch the webinar:

Questions and Answers

The following questions and answers were covered by our product experts during the session:

Are there any changes/improvements to Version Control?

There is integration to the new Dependency Walker (a preview of this is visible within the webinar recording).

During import, you can make a "Show changes" and compare an existing object with the imported object.

Can we now use FollowMe printing (shared queue using AD credentials from D365FO)?

Yes, just using the username. See this guide: Lasernet FO Connector User Guide

For version control I'm mainly missing branches/shelvesets and more transparency regarding the history of changes performed. But using different configurations per branch/release works so far.

We will not be able to merge, which is a monster - especially when talking about Forms.

Is there a way to "Show Changes" on Forms and not only see a changed binary?

No sorry, currently the Diff Dialog does not support Forms in dept. Forms are huge and complex, so it's not a trivial feature to add, in a way that is also understandable and user-friendly.

Are you able to set up the timeframe for the Monitor performance, like From Mon - Friday?

No, the current version only records 24 hours. In the future, we will add support for saving longer periods in a database, for example, up to 3 months.

I'm missing the email notification feature in Client for specific modules, for example for failed emails or PDF merging errors. Could we have something out of the box on Client?

It's not a feature on the drawing board, but you can actually set it up today by using a Failure-Destination on the Output Module and then pass the Job to an Email Output Module which sends an email with details about the problem. 

The following links are useful to be able to get the most from your product:

Release Notes

Add Lasernet as a skill on your LinkedIn profile:

Formpipe ERP Solutions on LinkedIn

Formpipe Temenos Solutions on LinkedIn

Upgrading from Lasernet 9 to 10

Presentation PDF

Click the PDF link below to view the webinar presentation:


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