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Nov 25 2022

Lasernet New Features 10.4

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Lasernet 10.4

Release date: 25th November 2022


System Requirements

See Lasernet System Requirements.

Important before upgrading to Lasernet 10.4


New Installers, Connections, Sign in and SDK from Lasernet 10.2

The installation procedure and the configuration procedure, in several of the client applications, have been changed from Lasernet 10.2; there are now separate installers for Lasernet Server 10 and Lasernet Developer 10.

If you have not read the release notes for Lasernet 10.2, for how to upgrade to Lasernet 10.2 and newer and about changes in third-party modules, developed by the Lasernet SDK, we recommend that you do so before installing this version.

New Features

This section is an overview of the new features included with this version of Lasernet.

Azure Service Bus

Improved scalability for servers with multiple cores

Activating Batch Mode will take advantage multiple cores and create n/4 threads for the batch pool (where n is number of cores) to increase speed for multiple batches.

When Batch Mode is de-activated the server will still run as many threads as available cores.

In Batch Mode, the Azure Service Bus will process the number of jobs as listed in the schema.











Lasernet Form Editor

Improved usability when merging two objects

In previous versions of Lasernet 10, two objects were merged by dragging a Rearrange or a Fixed Text object upon another.

To merge an object with another, you must now select Ctrl-key + arrows or drag-and-drop then drag an object onto another.

De-activate auto alignment

There is a new checkbox to de-activate the auto alignment feature. In this mode you can drag and drop or move objects with arrow keys and have full control of the new position of your object.

A feature to avoid that the new position is not always set to an integer when moving an object to a new Y position.

release_notes_deactivate_auto_alignment.pngAllow further form matching if no sheets are matched

Added a new setting "Allow further form matching if no sheets are matched" to the Form Criteria dialog.

This will allow the Form Engine to process further form matching, in other forms added to the list of forms, if none of the sheets were recognized.

This feature is only available for forms added to the Form Engine with CSV, XLSX, JSON and XML as input formats.

By default, this is set to “not active” for backwards compatibility.

Added combining support to CSV output format

To create a layout for a more complex CSV structure, the combining feature is added to the Sheet Options for CSV as output format.

Combine multiple layouts of CSV output formats into a more complex CSV layout, with a unique header, body and footer in the final output file.

Support for colored and inverted QR barcodes

Insert colored QR codes to your documents or print white/inverted QR barcodes and text on Zebra label printers mounted with black labels.

New setting to encode documents to Base64

By adding a new Base64 property, to the Sheet Options, it is now an easy process to generate Base64 encoded documents for your web services or add them as an inline document in XML files.

When activating this setting your selected output type will be encoded to a Base64 document and send to your selected output destination.

By activating JobInfo you can insert sheet data in to any JobInfo, in the Sheet Options > Combining > Sheet Embedding tab, encode your data and insert the result in an XML file added to the next sheet.

Lasernet Input Management

Lasernet OCR Editor

Algorithm for short and long dates have been optimized to improve auto detection of date formats in OCR Forms.

Show and manually edit the regional profile, assigned by the OCR Engine, in column views for OCR Fields defined as Date type.

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