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Oct 10 2021

Lasernet New Features 10.1

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Release date: October 11th, 2021

New Features

This latest version of Lasernet brings with it some major new developments that we believe will help customers start enjoying some of the great new features and improvements we have added since our last release, as well as helping Lasernet to reach its full potential. 

Lasernet Printer Service

Added Support for On-premises / LAN Printing Support via Printer Service

EMF, PDF and DOCX formats are supported. Files are zipped then transferred from the Printer Service module to Printer Service application.

Other Enhancements
  • Added support for viewing of printer service log.
  • Added support for multiple printer service instances running on the same server.
  • Added new Sign Out option to the Printer Service application.
  • User Interface enhancements.

Lasernet Config Server

Manage Access Rights for Client, Monitor and Printer Service via Security Roles on Config Server

The security roles have been extended to include the instances users are allowed to access.

You can now manage Access Rights for Client Roles on the Config Server. This works in a similar way to Monitor roles.

Added Support for Azure AD Authentication

Lasernet has support for authenticating users against external authentication providers like Azure Active Directory, enabling two-factor authentication.

The matrix shows the compatibility of different authentication methods with Lasernet applications.

User Authentication Type

LocalOn-premise ADAzure AD
Lasernet Developer
Lasernet Config
Lasernet Monitor
Lasernet Web Monitor
Lasernet Printer Service
Lasernet Web Client
Lasernet Client
Lasernet OCR
Lasernet Meta

Other Enhancements

  • Added buttons to Lasernet License Manager and Lasernet Config server to copy Client Secret values to the clipboard.
  • Date and time format is shown in regional formatting instead of UTC in Lasernet Config server.

Lasernet Form Editor

Swiss QR Code Support

Swiss QR Codes can be used in Lasernet. For more information on the Swiss QR Code standard, please refer to this link:

Swiss QR Code compatibility is also being added to the Lasernet 9 series.

Added Support for Schedule Criteria to Forms

You can define a range of dates to your forms, sheets and objects added to forms.

Common uses are:

  • Including a criterion that must be true when running forms and sheets at specified time periods.
  • Adding announcements or messages that are only active during specified time periods. These can be set to repeat every year.

DOCX Format – Watermarks

Rich Text Control (DOCX format) documents containing watermarks will be displayed in Lasernet Form Editor.

DOCX Format – Tables – Repeat as Header Row

Added support for Repeat Row as Header for tables in Rich Text Control (DOCX format).

Other Enhancements
  • A Description field has been added to the Pattern Properties dialog.

Lasernet Developer

Dependency Walker

When committing changes, you can click View Dependencies to display all dependencies to the selected object.

Select Dependencies will automatically select all other objects, related to the selected object, that have not been committed yet.

Lasernet will show only one level of dependencies related to the selected object.

Both commands have also been added to the context menu in the Exporting Object(s) dialog. This will automatically select dependencies for the selected object.

The View Dependencies option is also available in the right-click menu for the list of objects in modules or forms.

Show Changes option added to the Import Objects dialog

A quick access tool called Show Changes has been added allowing you to compare changes before accepting imported objects.

Lasernet XML Transformer

Move XML Transformer Action to a Specific Index

The Move to index… option has been added to the right-click menu for the list of actions in the XML Transformer editor.

Web Client

New Web Client URL

This has changed from:




User Interface Improvements

The Preview pane and column widths for each queue type can be adjusted.

Other Enhancements
  • Allows you to multi-select job list roles when you press and hold the Ctrl key.

Lasernet Monitor

Lasernet 10 introduced a new feature to collect performance and transaction counters from the Lasernet servers.

For Lasernet 10.1, the feature is being expanded to cover more information by including database size. This acts as a foundation for adding more features in future releases.

This feature must now be activated on Lasernet Config Server for each server instance via the new Insights tab.

Performance and Transaction Counters Separated into Two Tabs, Also Presenting Database Size For Server

You can view live updates every minute on various aspects of server and Lasernet performance.

A new counter has been added to show the expansion of the Lasernet Job Database over time.

Support for new "Goto Log" feature by adding right-click action to Performance and Transactions charts

Easily navigate to precise timestamp in the log. For example, this is useful for investigating an unexpected peak in Memory use or Handles in Windows.


Lasernet Launcher

A new site will start after installation which displays a browser launcher exclusively for web applications:

https://[server]:[port]/lasernet/launcher or https://[server]:[port]/lasernet

New Web Launcher UI running at:https://[server]:[port]/lasernet/launcher

New classes were added to retrieve information about configuration.

OCR Engine

Added a new property in the Statistics tab to activate (default) / de-activate statistics DB for OCR Engine.

Microsoft SQL LocalDB

To support backup of VM in Azure the parameter AUTO_CLOSE is now set to OFF for the embedded Microsoft SQL LocalDB databases.

FTP Output

Added support for supplying Encrypted PrivateKey password for SFTP.


Microsoft Windows 11

Standard features in Lasernet 10.1 have been tested on Microsoft Windows 11 Version 10.0.22000. All tests have successfully passed the validation.

Maintenance Report

The following fixes and enhancements are included with this version of Lasernet.

If you encounter difficulty while using Lasernet, please contact support in the first instance.

Internal RefExternal RefAreaDetailsStatus



Form Editor

Developer crashed when opening forms with non-existing Master reference





Export Object(s) and Add Form(s) dialogs list contained duplicates for forms and engines





Validation checks added to the process of renaming a user, group or security role





Various fixes to the 'Show Auto Filter Row' functionality





Licensed modules and general information was missing from the Licensing tab




OCR Editor

OCR Editor could not open documents via Client App for port numbers other than 33443 (default)




OCR Editor

Port Field in OCR Editor was seen as a number and you cannot change it properly




Job Engine

Incorrect index was used when selecting from JobInfo table in some cases





Running HTTP modifier with a Client Certificate could, in rare scenarios, cause a crash




OCR Engine

REST API returns an unexpected number of rows, in rare scenarios, when OCR Dictionary is activated but could not connect to DB




Web Client

Filenames sometimes missing in the Web Client when jobs were paused via OCR Engine





An import could, in rare scenarios, overwrite existing object w/o notification





PDFs formatted in A3 Landscape where PNG images were cut off at A4 margins





PDF format documents with URL links included in a merged block of text





Linefeed before a merged block of Asian characters could cause characters to disappear





Changed error message to warning, on certificates not being marked for client auth; a certificate does not require a list of intended usages





Multiple Supplier Lists files, added to multiple OCR Engines, incorrectly loaded the contents added to the first loaded OCR Engine




Outlook Mail

Images set to attached in HTML forms was not visible in all mail clients





Error parsing result when SharePoint INSERT Command fails, causing Output Port to not fail Job





Embedded Dictionary database was not compatible with Microsoft SQL LocalDB 2017


Helpful Unhelpful

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