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Jan 9 2024

Lasernet BC Connector Fixes

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Release Date:  9th January 2024


See the Lasernet BC Connector Release Notes.

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New Features and Enhancements 

#393563 – Unable to email standard Purchase Order

When trying to email a Standard BC purchase order, the report failed due to a problem in our code.

This is now fixed and the following error will appear instead:  


An invalid argument was passed to a 'List' data type method. 

#393646 – Update Permissions property on objects

Following a request from a customer, we have updated our permissions on some of our code units and reports.

Further updates will occur in the following releases. 

#394051 – New report

We have added one new report to our report list: Assembly Order.

#395465 – Document Layout missing data in XML

Document Layout used to, at times, stop working in specific conditions, due to customs fields that are missing in the XML file. This created the wrong Layout on the Lasernet report. 

This issue is now fixed.

#395780 – Reminders’ totals are incorrect 

In versions and, Reminders showed the wrong total amount.

This is now fixed. 

#395797 – FooterInfo language to be taken from the document, not from setup

The code has been changed to allow the use of the language code from the report when creating the footer, instead of the language code from Lasernet Setup.  

#395798 – Filter Field Name is not exported/imported for Document Layout Filter

Our export/import framework did not cover Filter Field Name from Document Layout.

This is now fixed. 

#395799 – Changing Table No. on Document Layout Line does not change Parent Table No. on child lines

When making a change to a table, for example renaming a Parent table Vendor instead of Customer, then the table lookup within filters still pointed to the old table. 

The following example is table 222 (Ship to Address), which now has table 18 as parent.  

Before changing the table name: 

After adding a filter to table 222, the system showed Customer table. 

After changing the table name: 

After changing the filter on table 222, the system still showed Customer table and not Vendor. 

This is now fixed.

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