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Nov 21 2023

Lasernet BC Connector Release Notes

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Release date: 21st November 2023


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Bug Fixes

Internal Ref.





CheckDefaultPrintMethod exits function before triggering final publisher.

For Developers only. We changed the way in which this feature worked.



Issue Reminder - GL Account add Remaining amount when there is no remaining account.

The Amount and Remaining amount fields in the XML had the same value. This is incorrect when adding, for example, a GL account. The remaining amount is 0 in the table, so it should also be the same in the XML file and in the report.



Cannot add new table in the Connector.

When adding several tables tables via Document layout, you might have encountered the following error: ‘Overflow under conversion of Mycrosoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.Decimal18 value 19687.5 to System.Int32.’



Importing Azure Blob setups only into the current company.

When importing Azure Blob settings from another company than the target company, the system did not import all settings.



Resend from archive always sends PDF.

When requesting a file format other than PDF, the system saves that file into the Lasernet archive. In previous versions, if you wanted to use the Resend function, the system used to use the PDF instead of the created file.



Predefined Destinations for Send Email combines setups.

After creating two email destinations on the customer card, the system used to combine the two rules when using Predefined Destinations.



Deleting parent line in Document Layouts.

We have created a new check function. If you are trying to delete a table within Document Layouts which has children, you will get a warning such as the following:

‘The page has an error. Refresh (F5) to undo the change or correct the error.’

‘There are dependent entries for the line you are about to delete. Please remove them or change parent first (e.g. set Level -1).’



Document Layout - Parent line number goes wrong when you indent backwards.

If the parent table is changing line number, for example when you are indenting a parent table, the child table does not change parent table number.



Error on drill down to Table no. on Placeholder Sets page.

When changing the table number on a placeholder, the following error message used to appear: ‘The record table is Placeholder Set Table already exists. Identification fields and values: Set Code=’SERV INV’,Line No.=’0’.’



Adjust Preview page vertical height.

In some of the older versions, our preview window was a bit higher than it is now due to a new PDF viewer. We have now adjusted the default height, so it shows more of the PDF page in the window.


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