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Jul 15 2020

Lasernet 9.9.2

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Lasernet Release Version 9.9.2

Release date: 16th July 2020

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 9.9.2

Lasernet Server

  • Fixed a SQL statement for date handling in service running on servers with German as local set language.
  • Fixed a queue combiner issue caused by an exception in the database.
  • Fixed the server not retrieving a new patch/deploy if the connection string to the existing SQL database was invalid.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue with a missing link to the Master Sheet after export/import of forms that contained a region in the conditional area.
  • Memory usage optimization when rendering EMF.
  • Fixed a Base64 issue not being able to render and show encoded GIF images.
  • Additional UI controls are now disabled when more than one element is selected in the Edit Rearrange dialog.
  • Text combining options button is removed from criteria dialog for XML input forms.
  • Fixed an unexpected behaviour on cancelling editing in criterion expression editor.
  • Changing the state of “Static” EMF subform option did not prompt for save pop-up when closing form without saving. This is now fixed.
  • XLSX sheet name jobinfo substitution support.
  • New filter selection tool in Pattern and Rearrange docker window.
  • The focus of all objects assigned to a pattern can now be shown when a pattern is selected.
  • There is now CSS styling support for rearranges containing HTML.
  • We have added support for SVG as vector-based graphics.
  • You can now select and run server-based JobInfos in UI.
  • The focus for cursor in Find dialog can now be set.
  • Fixed the column selection tool for Patterns and Rearranges dialog did not work.
  • New feature to continue a table to the end of the conditional area when “Show even if no data” is true and if no data is displayed on the page.
  • Fixed a “Not” expression that didn’t work properly for Rearrange objects when a JobInfo criteria was included as a part of the expression.
  • Added a new feature to set up multiple conditional areas for label printing on a page.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFs with hyperlinks had broken links in rare scenarios.
  • Fixed a rare crash in Form Engine in sheets with many rearranges when criteria was included.
  • Fixed a rare issue when painting shapes assigned to an instance qualifier in a region.
  • Fixed an issue in the Grab JobInfos dialog where values were written right to left instead of left to right when adding a new JobInfo.
  • Fixed disappearing text on the background bitmap when rendering transparent images.

Lasernet Developer

  • Fix for exporting objects with . (dot) as part of the export name.
  • Online Error Logging support is now removed because of a critical service stop in rare scenarios during service start.
  • Fixed an error message when attempting to export objects and the Database Command references a non-existing connection.
  • Fixed an issue with drag-and-drop of a job event destination to another module.
  • Added support for download of server grab files from any module in test mode.
  • It is now not possible to select commit folders of all grab files if you check a single grab file first.
  • Fixed an issue for import of forms to multiple Form Engines.
  • Grab files without an extension are now visible for wildcard *.*.
  • Grab files are no longer imported when migrated to Lasernet 9 from an earlier version.
  • Thumbnail support added to SubForms.
  • When a configuration with a deleted and not committed resource file was exported, an error message was displayed. This has now been fixed.

Outlook Mail

  • We have fixed an error which occurred where polling mails in folders other than Inbox in the Shared Mailbox.
  • There is now support for incoming emails that contain a null character in the email subject instead of an empty string.
  • We have fixed an UTF-8 issue in mail properties.
  • We have added support for pooling the shared mailbox.
  • Fixed a critical issue where more than 10 emails in one poll were being read.
  • Fixed a minor error in the log when sending email successfully due to Microsoft changing the response content-type.

Script Editor

  • An object in the script would return an empty filename after a call to open() in unit tester. This is now fixed.


  • Fixed a memory leak when processing CSV input to output.

Lasernet Config Server

  • When editing the description for a configuration file, it was not saved. This is now fixed.
  • We have optimized the speed in the Configuration Database to prevent a time-out in Lasernet Developer caused by many commits and large history.

Lasernet License Manager

  • Clicking the ‘Config SQL Server’ button when LnConfig wasn’t installed resulted in a crash. This is now fixed.
  • Licenses containing a lot of modules that may exceed the maximum transfer size of the License Manager are now prevented.

Lasernet SQL Editor

  • There is now a fix when asking about a local/embedded connection whilst adding a new database connection from SQL Editor.

Lasernet Server, Developer and Client apps

  • Fixed a critical issue preventing Lasernet Server, Developer and Clients to run on a leap day.
  • Scheduler Input and scheduling of jobs in any module caused a crash on a leap day. This issue is now fixed.

Lasernet Form Engine

  • Fixed a crash in Form Engine/Service caused by overlays loaded from the script when the overwrite parameter was set to ‘true’.


  • There is now a new module to convert from a JSON to an XML format.

Azure Service Bus

  • Multi-threading is now supported.
  • Polling is now used instead of “brokered connections” when fetching messages.
  • Added support for inserting a JobInfo substitution syntax as the Connection String in the ASB module.


  • We have added an option to turn off FEAT for FTP(S).

PDF Splitter

  • Splitting a PDF file did not work in v9.8. This has now been fixed.


  • Added static conversion from hex string to byte-array for Hash class.
  • New function to add a static EMF Subform in Lasernet Form Editor via JavaScript.

PDF Engine

  • Fixed PDF/A validation error in XML metadata CreatorTool.
  • Fixed disappearing text on the background bitmap when rendering transparent images.

XML Signer

  • Fixed ‘Module Not Found’ when adding XML Signer in diagram mode.


  • The download URL did not work via browser for client software. This is now fixed.

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