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Oct 3 2019

Lasernet 9.6

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Lasernet Release Version 9.6

Release date: 4th October 2019

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 9.6.

New Features

The following new features have been added since our last release:

PDF Filler and Flatten

There is now a new output format in the Form Editor and a new module in the PDF Tool package, to merge metadata with PDF filler fields designed in Adobe Acrobat.

While legacy webservice integrations that use old identifiers will continue to work as a result of this new mapping configuration, they will not have access to more than 55 keys.

Long-term Archive Module

We have introduced a new output module to archive documents in the Long-Term Archive used by Formpipe (a system for the preservation of digital information over time).

Job to XML Modifier

A new module has been added in the XML package to convert system Jobinfos into a job that contains an XML structure.

Hybrid Connections

You can now set-up your Azure Hybrid Connections to connect Lasernet Meta, Lasernet Client and Lasernet OCR with the Lasernet Server.

Zip Job Data

A new option has been added entitled Zip job data. 

Activate this if the form size is expected to be larger than 2 GB in a non-zipped mode, which is the maximum supported size for EMF/PDF forms in the Form Engine. 

Activating this setting can cause a slight system performance degradation.

New docker window for Patterns

You can now dock the Patterns editor with connected objects in a new non-modal window. With the non-modal Patterns Editor you can still activate other windows, work with rearranges, add new patterns and continue to navigate in your form design.



New Features and Minor Fixes

 The following list contains details of fixes and minor features that we have implemented since the last release:


Lasernet Config Server

  • There is now support for Windows User Authentication as a login for SQL Server from the Lasernet Config Server, by leaving username and password empty in Lasernet Licenser Manager -> Config SQL Server.
  • We have excluded Grab and Templates objects from being deployed to the Lasernet Service.


Lasernet Developer

  • The largest allowed file size for resources in the configuration is now limited to a maximum of 25 MB. Objects larger than this size are prevented to be committed, patched or deployed to the configuration server.
  • Support for the Test tool has been added to the Web Server input module.
  • Fixed a crash when updating a configuration over a slow or unstable connection.
  • Fixed various export/import objects issues.
  • The import will stop and show an error if the path+object name is longer than 260 characters.
  • Fixed a loading error when importing configurations with an object that contains special characters.
  • Fixed an issue with hyperlinks in PDF for Rich Text output.


Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue where the result of a script was not recalculated in preview mode for a JSON output.
  • Fixed a memory leak in PDF preview.
  • The ScriptEditor collapsing in the Edit Form Modifier dialog is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where an overlay was published on non-generated pages, in viewing mode, even when criteria were not true.
  • Fixed an issue where only supported tools in the toolbar for Rich Text Editor are accessible when switching from XLSX to DOCX sheet.
  • Added support for an enhanced number of Form Criteria.
  • Fixed a missing CRLF after the last line when splitting pages in Form Engine.
  • Fixed an XHTML Rearrange issue where HTML header elements were not being displayed correctly.
  • Import Overlays will now prompt to remove 'Microsoft Word - ' and the extension from the filename for the overlay when creating a new overlay.
  • The navigation to a specific page number, in EMF/PDF output sheets, has been improved when a sheet contains multiple pages.
  • The Modifier criteria page has been reworked and improved to support an unlimited number of criteria.
  • The auto-scroll functionality didn't work correctly from the Pattern And Rearranges dialog. This is now fixed.


Lasernet Client

  • Fixed an issue where the Search function did not return a result for a Paused and Scheduled job.


Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Added support for moving form(s) to another index when filtering is applied.
  • Fixed where an OCR Form in rare situations did not keep grab data.


Lasernet Print Viewer

  • Fixed an issue with a broken header after maximizing the window.


Azure Service Bus

  • Fixed a crash when query URIs contains spaces or special characters.
  • Support for JobInfo substitution added to the SAS Key Name.


Azure Storage Output

  • Fixed an issue where a module could fail with "A queue name must be specified!".



  • JobInfo substitution support added to the Password field for the Compression Engine and Modifier.


Database Connection

  • Database pooling was not working as it should. This is now fixed.



  • Fixed an issue where public folders did not return the UnreadCount property.


File Input

  • Fixed a locking issue when picking up .lnjob as input files.


PDF to Text

  • Fixed a problem when reading PDF documents created by PDFTron.


PDF Engine

  • Fixed an issue where Hebrew text was reversed (requires Windows EMF as overlay format).


PDF Merge

  • Job will now fail if an invalid PDF document for merging is detected.


Printer Output

  • Improved auto-detection of PDF and DOCX documents stored in JobData or as PrintAttachment, when printing documents via the Lasernet service.
  • Removed the support for using Foxit Reader installed in Windows for background printing (local copy of FoxitReader.exe in the Lasernet program folder is still supported, but not required).


XML Transformer

  • Fixed a crash when running XML actions after a modifier returned invalid XML caused by an invalid codepage.
  • Added log message when running modifier returns invalid XML.
  • Fixed an issue where the form criteria were listed in the wrong order after migration from older versions.


Web Server

  • Added support for parsing query parameters as JobInfos in the URL. Example http://localhost:8080/webinputport/WebServer1/?filename=test.pdf&username=john.doe


Regional Profiles

  • Processing Long Date in Regional Profile would be working in a wrong way in some cases



  • Added support for a new MagicBytes helper class to detect the contents for a range of file types SDK
  • Added support for reading a customized JobInfoDescriptions.xml file stored in Modules.NET folders for modules created in .NET. Additional JobInfos and descriptions will be added to the list of JobInfos in the JobInfo dialogs.


SharePoint Output

  • Fixed a Sharepoint error causing the error message,  "Modifier type has no modifier handler".


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