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Feb 8 2019

Lasernet 9.2

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Lasernet Release Version 9.2

Release date: 8th Feb 2019

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 9.2.

Lasernet Module Tester

The Lasernet Module Tester is a new application designed to verify/debug a configured module from the Lasernet Developer before committing and deploying any modules.

For more details, please see the New Features page.

Lasernet Developer

  • It is now prohibited to rename a Form Engine if engine contains forms.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking a menu adding modules mistakenly only showed the input modules.
  • Fixed a crash when creating thumbnails during the import of Rich Text forms.
  • Contents of the JobInfo dialog couldn't be edited if the JobInfo value contained a fixed text.
  • An unexpected error was shown when adding a SubForm was canceled.
  • Improved the usage of script modifiers added to modules.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • There is now support for inline modifiers in forms.
  • Improved the usage of the binding tool on the Properties button for Rich Text Editor.
  • Background and border support added to SubForm objects.
  • Fixed an error when closing Form Editor after adding an image to a Spreadsheet via an URL on the clipboard.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a rearrange in XML output mode with the property editor open.

Lasernet Client

  • Multi-selection of destinations is now prevented.
  • Fixed an issue releasing a scheduled job which caused LnService to crash.

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • CSV file assigned to an identifier field is now reloaded when the dialog is opened.

Lasernet Script Editor

  • Added a new function to allow aborting a script function call after a specified amount of time.
  • Implemented a different timeout mechanism for trying to gain an exclusive lock in ScriptFile::open.

File Output + FTP Output

  • Added mutexes to prevent the same filenames when the "File exist -> Rename" property is activated.

XML Validator

  • Fixed an issue where DTD unexpectedly was prohibited for OIOUBL.

Lasernet API

  • Fixed an issue where the method for computer list was not compatible with AX Connector.

.NET Module SDK

  • The module now receives JobModuleConfiguration. 

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