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Apr 15 2021

Lasernet 9.11.1

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Lasernet Release Version 9.11.1

Release date: 16th April 2021

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 9.11.1.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Creating a Pattern and connecting it to an output Region could cause a crash. This is now fixed.
  • The Sharepoint 365 Graph & Azure Storage SAS connections were not selectable from the Connection tab in the 'Form Options' dialog.
  • Fixed a crash in XML output mode when right-clicking on the XML node to add a new XML template.
  • Fixed an issue where JobInfos for PaperHeight and PaperWidth were reversed in landscape mode.

Lasernet Developer

  • Removed automatic change from 8080 to 443, in Server -> Client settings, if 'Secure' is enabled.
  • Exporting objects from the Diagram view, by multi-select with the mouse, could cause modules with multiple destinations where listed multiple times in the export file.
  • Fixed a crash in Diagram -> JobMode that sometimes could occur when compacting the diagram view.
  • When duplicating a form the grab folder was still created even if you canceled the operation.
  • Fixed an issue where the grab folder, belonging to a form, was renamed when the form was renamed.
  • Renaming a form, would rename the folder in the resources view, but all files did not show up until restart of the application.

Lasernet Client

  • Fix for validation changing to required for non-validated fields.

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Unhandled exception for OCR Editor -> Forms List -> Move to index.
  • Fixed a crash when having multiple Check Outs in Dictionary.
  • Fixed an issue reporting to log that too many sessions for the Dictionary database were open. 

Meta Input

  • Fixed an issue where Meta Input sometimes throws an error in the log during a service start that HTTP could not register the specified port number.

Mail Input

  • IMAP folder names did not support Danish characters such as “æøå”.

JSON to XML + Form Engine

  • JSON files with UTF-8 BOM were not supported.

HTTP Output

  • Fixed an issue where URL parameters with true UTF-8 encoding were not supported.
  • Fixed an issue where the filter for the list of certificates in the CertStore only included certificates suited for servers (like Web Server TLS certificates).

Printer Output

  • Added support for setting priority level parameters in a job printed to the Windows printer queue.


  • Improved extracting text from more complex PDFs.

FTP Input

  • Fixed an issue where the sFTP protocol also tries to download a folder and not only files.

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