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Jan 4 2019

Lasernet 9.1

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Lasernet Release Version 9.1

Release date: 4th January 2019

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 9.2.

Lasernet Service

  • A log message is now created when the Lasernet Service is prevented from starting due to a machine with only a single core (not supported).

Lasernet Portal Service

  • Validation of certificates when searching for a suitable certificate for SSL/TLS binding has been added to prevent the Lasernet Portal Service from failing to start after an installation.

Lasernet Configuration Server

  • MWe have fixed an issue where a password not UrlDecoded before encryption. The '&' symbol and other special characters were not supported as part of the password.
  • Fixed an issue where there was prevention of 0 bytes files (included in older setups) to migrate to Lasernet 9 running with SQL Server DB as the deployment server.

Lasernet Developer

  • Added F2 rename support for the object name in most list views

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Optimized speed for loading list/thumbnails for overlay files in the 'Add overlay' dialog.
  • Improved the rearrange dialogs not to accept invalid criteria expressions.
  • You can now enter multiple regional profiles with the same name.
  • Numbers were incorrectly converted in specific cases when using "Ceiling".
  • Added support for CTRL-Mouse scroll for zooming XML.
  • Retrieved grab function (F12) which did not prompt for server selection in setups with multiple servers.
  • Improved multi-selection support in XML input and Dataset output views.
  • Fixed an issue with a combination of merged rearranges with criteria that did not always trim whitespaces.

Lasernet XML Transformer Editor

  • Added support for CTRL-Mouse scroll for zooming XML.

Lasernet Client

  • Fixed an issue where XML Transformer forms were not compatible after migration from an older version of Lasernet. The criterion is no longer required for XML Transformer forms when running at a modifier event.

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Fixed an issue with CSV File content missing for Identifiers.

Lasernet Web Server

  • Added support for custom headers in preview mode.

Lasernet Web Service

  • Fixed a crash where opening an existing module could cause a crash.

Lasernet Scripting

  • New script class added for MD5, CRC32 and SHA1 hashing.

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