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Jul 4 2018

Lasernet 8.9

Authors list

Lasernet Release Version 8.9

Release date: 6th July 2018

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.10.

Lasernet Developer

  • Added a new Server->Client setting to deactivate version synchronization in Lasernet Client, Lasernet OCR and Lasernet Meta.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an issue where CSV Default values were incorrectly reset when adding or editing template headers.
  • The settings 'Before' & 'After' newline led to different output results.
  • Check for XML input would fail if XML was padded in either end with approximately 1024 whitespace characters.
  • Fixed an issue where group block was sometimes unexpectedly moved to the next page.

Lasernet Client

  • Fixed a validation issue with empty strings in numerical fields.
  • Fixed preview mode for Excel files.

Lasernet Meta

  • Fixed the preview mode for Excel files.
  • Added support for "File" as the new field type.
  • Fixed a bug that could leave missing meta jobs if other input modules were processing jobs simultaneously.
  • Support for validation of data for the combo box as the field type.
  • Fixed a server log message that could report an incorrect jobid.

Azure Service Bus

  • Added a potential fix for incoming messages that mistakenly do not contain an ASB URI or duration lock, which will guarantee other ASB queues not reading the same message.

File Input

  • Scheduler UI for File Input is added to the module.

HTTP Output

  • Added support for specifying the field name for multipart requests.

OCR Engine

  • Auto trim has now been introduced for filenames when reading the OCR Form list.

SharePoint 365

  • Fixed an issue where "Sites" were always used as a prefix for subsites.
  • Added support for the Microsoft Teams document library.
  • Added support for overwriting when uploading documents.

SQL Editor

  • Possible fix for crash in ODBC connection to Oracle 11.

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