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Apr 17 2018

Lasernet 8.7

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Lasernet Release Version 8.7

Release date: 18th April 2018

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.7.

Lasernet Form Editor/Engine

  • Fixed an XHTML rearrange splitting issue when running sheets in mixed mode.
  • Fixed an issue where font property settings for a rearrange did not match the output.
  • JobInfo substitution support added to Azure and SharePoint Connection fields.
  • Fixed an issue where the quality of PNG images with transparency was lower than in previous versions.
  • Added support for showing values below X-axis in charts.
  • Using a Zebra label printer as a reference printer led to a crash in the Form Editor/Engine after the introduction of automatic font substitution support for Asian characters in version 8.6.

Lasernet Developer

  • Added support for special characters like æ, ø and å in configuration names.
  • A trim function has been added to a new configuration name to prevent creating folders ending with spaces that will break NTFS.
  • Allow admins to checkout objects for any user in the revision system.
  • Description values for database connections added to Export object(s) dialog.
  • Support for export/import of form templates.

Lasernet Client

  • Fixed an issue where an expired file certificate was preventing the application to start up.
  • Amount fields were not handled as expected in edit mode, causing incorrect values after editing.
  • Fix for the restoration of customized size and position for column fields.

Lasernet OCR

  • Fixed an issue where an expired file certificate was preventing the application to start up.

Lasernet Meta

  • Balloon tips are now displayed instead of showing the whole Meta application when unable to connect.

Azure Service Bus

  • Implemented configurable request timeout on the input port. Defaults timeout to 20 minutes instead of 60 minutes.
  • Disabled automatic proxy support, introduced in LN8.6, because of broken TLS implementation in the Microsoft REST SDK.
  • Fixed a crash when running in an environment with an unstable Internet connection.

Database Command

  • Added a new option to toggle writing of XML Declaration. Default is true for backward compatibility. This will allow XML fragments to be created.
  • Fix for a crash when adding a new stored procedure to Oracle.

EMF to Raw

  • Implemented retry logic in case the printer driver keeps the output file locked after printing.

Exchange Input

  • Added support for more than nine unread emails in Shared Mailboxes.

Exchange Output

  • Fixed an issue where sending an email would fail if the setting "Do not insert job data as an attachment" was activated.

File Retriever

  • Added support for URL encoded characters for HTTP(S).

Mail Input

  • Support for Latvian characters in email body for SMTP protocol.

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