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Feb 9 2018

Lasernet 8.6

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Lasernet Release Version 8.6

Release date: 9th February 2018

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.6.

Lasernet Server

  • Fixed a race condition in the service when updating configuration in a fail-over solution.

Lasernet Form Editor/Engine

  • There is now support for High-DPI monitor displays (4K resolution with 100 - 200% zoom).
  • Automatic font substitution support for Asian characters.
  • Downloaded grab files from the server keep original time and date of the file.
  • Improved UI for styles when the list contains more than eight different styles.
  • Fixed an issue in PDF Preview mode not saving same PDF format as PDF Engine.
  • The form could get corrupted after removing all patterns from a sheet. This is now fixed.
  • The path for local images is changed to a recursive path instead of an absolute path for XHTML output.
  • Fixed an error with malformed objects assigned to a removed pattern.
  • Fixed a memory issue with large page formats.
  • The value for the additional progress setting was not saved when a new region was created.
  • Fixed a crash with small form sizes (8 mm) and a printer margin defined in the reference printer that exceeded that paper size.
  • Splitting of rearranges in XHTML mode could in rare scenarios lead to overlapped results. This is now fixed.
  • Added Count UNT support to the EDI format.
  • The setting "Remove empty lines from end of each page" was not processing properly for specific inputs.

Lasernet Client

  • Added support for High-DPI monitor displays (4K resolution with 100 - 200% zoom).
  • Number Columns did not allow one thousand separators.

Lasernet Developer

  • Support for High-DPI displays (4K resolution with 100 - 200% zoom)
  • Added a confirmation dialog in diagram mode when adding a destination loop to a module.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduling for Sundays didn't function.

Lasernet Meta

  • Support for High-DPI monitor displays (4K resolution with 100 - 200% zoom).
  • Removed support for automatic installation of Lasernet Reference Printer at the service startup for Proxy Service.
  • Support for incoming print/meta queue as Reference Printer when running PDF converter via a command line.
  • Allow first users to keep sending Jobs when the maximum number of licensed users was exceeded.

Lasernet OCR

  • Support for High-DPI monitor displays (4K resolution with 100 - 200% zoom).
  • Added support for refreshing Identifiers with CSV content without the need for restarting the Lasernet Service.
  • Multiple instances of the same criterion in an OCR Form are now allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Understand functionality in rare scenarios only showed the mapped results every second time.

Azure Service Bus

  • Fixed an issue where the input module stopped processing if the connection to Azure was lost.

Exchange Input

  • Added support for Shared Mailbox.
  • New JobInfos added to incoming emails: InputReplyTo, InputattAchmentCount, InputAttachmentNumber.

Exchange Output

  • Set MIME type to application/PDF for mail attachments if none is specified and the module couldn't detect it.

Database Command

  • DatabaseConnection to #DatabaseConnection# did not work due to the missing trailing hash#.

Mail Input

  • New JobInfos added to incoming emails for protocols IMAP and POP3: InputReplyTo, InputAttachmentCount, InputAttachmentNumber.


  • Improved the file size for PDF documents with embedded Asian fonts.
  • Hyperlink support for HTML href tags rearranged by the Form Engine.
  • Fixed an error in font subsetting where the advanced width for some glyphs may have been missing, such as for the digit "3" for the font Courier New. 
  • Added required CIDSet when embedding the font in PDF/A and having Multi-Language Support enabled
  • Fixed the missing rdf:about attribute in the PDF/A metadata stream.

PDF to Text

  • Optimized text placement routine to prevent duplicates that aren't duplicated from being removed.

Printer Output

  • There is now support for the External Print Timeout setting when printing PDF using Foxit Reader.
  • Support for local "Foxit Reader" executable in Lasernet folder before looking for the official installed version of Foxit Reader.
  • Fixed an issue where exceeding the number of licensed printers would disable all printing.

XML Transformer

  • Fixed an issue where a Create/Replace action on a text node using an expression didn't work.
  • Fix for crash when an opening form with the renormalizable path to the grab file.

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