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Nov 10 2017

Lasernet 8.5

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Lasernet Release Version 8.5

Release date: 10th November 2017

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.5.

Lasernet Editor/Engine

  • Fixed an issue with a root criterion for XML input forms.
  • Root tag was not considered in the criteria for the Pre/Post Jobinfo sheet functionality.
  • Setting for the hyperlink for PDF documents has been added to rearrange properties.
  • Support for shapes with 0,1 mm accuracy.
  • JobInfos was not always logged and listed in the JobInfo post view when Combined/Mixed mode was activated.
  • The Copy, Cut & Paste commands were erroneously disabled for specific cases.

Lasernet Developer

  • Added support for LOCALHOST as a valid name for the server name.
  • Added support for scheduling every minute, with 1-second intervals, in modules with scheduler support.

Lasernet Client

  • Added support for saving customization of tools to the registry.
  • Added support for disabling customization of tools via a new registry setting called "ShowOverflowPanel".
  • Added support for saving attachments.
  • Fix for release of multiple paused, failed, or scheduled jobs that would create duplicates of the same job.

Lasernet Meta

  • Added support for saving attachments.
  • Validation support for editable ComboBoxes and MemoBoxes.

Lasernet OCR

  • Fix for issue with saving settings when the reference to the CSV file is removed.
  • Made default Identifier keys read-only.
  • Only allow Identifier keys that comply with the XML standard.
  • Fix for issues with splitting OCR Data fields and showing the result as columns in the client.
  • Fix for index issue when matching multiple forms.
  • Fix for an exception in the OCR Engine when storing the Number field in JobInfo table and it is not a valid integer.

Azure Service Bus

  • Added automatic lookup of available entity paths if available.

Azure Storage

  • Fixed an issue where retrieving blobs from the root of the container didn't work.

Database Command

  • Fixed bug in migration of certain Database Command connection settings.

DM Archive

  • Renamed the module PDM Archive to DM Archive.

File Input

  • Removed the Scheduler tab from UI since the module doesn't support scheduling.
  • Added option to delete input file after processing instead of before (Post Processing Deletion).

Printer Output

  • Fixed an issue where exceeding the number of licensed printers would disable all printing.

XML Transformer

  • Fixed an error where actions were not processed when XML contained a DTD declaration.

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