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Oct 5 2017

Lasernet 8.4

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Lasernet Release Version 8.4

Release date: 6th October 2017

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.4.

Lasernet Service

  • Fix for an endless loop error when having multiple destinations attached to a paused or scheduled job.

Lasernet Client

  • A job could not be rescheduled for a non-administrative user logged in with Basic Authentication.
  • Added a new  'Open in OCR' button to open a paused job in Lasernet OCR Editor.
  • Changed label for the 'View' button to 'Preview'. Used to preview jobs in external viewer only (user will now use the dedicated 'Open in OCR' button to add and edit OCR Forms).
  • Added support for deleting multiple item lines extracted from OCR Forms.

Lasernet Developer

  • Page Form Thumbnails: Fix for a problem when toggling the view of inactive forms.
  • Fixed an issue downloading lost grab files from the server.
  • Fixed an issue where the Database Command header section was listed multiple times when adding a modifier.
  • Import Form: Does not ask for Form Engine if the form already exists.
  • Import Form: Cancel button did not work.
  • Fixed a bug in the migration of certain Database Command connection settings.
  • Optimized population of forms (faster UI when moving forms up/down in forms list and export/import of many form objects).

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Added support for JobInfos for "SheetName" and "Sheet" in Form Editor, previously only set by Form Engine.
  • Fixed missing pop-up dialog which asks the user to save the form if an additional grab was added to the form.
  • The NewLine option added to a Rearrange element did not always work.
  • Added support for three decimals for the narrow bar property in built-in linear barcodes.
  • The "Allow further sheet matching" flag of the "Criteria" tab wasn't set properly.
  •  Fixed an issue where the list of regions was erroneous when using master/child sheets.

Lasernet OCR Editor

  • Support for reading data from a pre-defined CSV file list and store contents in a combo box added to the Identifier list. New property to set path+filename is located in OCR Engine->Setup->Identifiers->CSV File.
  • Fixes for non-closed connections to Dictionary Service resulting in a warning "Too many sessions are open".
  • Added progress bar for Export/Import of OCR Forms in Forms List window.
  • Optimized algorithm for recognizing OCR Form. The result is faster processing when adding and editing OCR Forms via Lasernet Client and processing OCR Forms in OCR Engine.

Lasernet Meta

  • Support for reading data from a pre-defined CSV file list and store contents in a combo box added to Meta card. New property to set path+filename is located in Meta Input->Queues->ComboBox->CSV File.
  • Previously saved values in meta fields were not always removed from a job when fields were cleared manually by the user.
  • Support for deployment tools to save tool options and queue settings for Lasernet Meta in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Lasernet SDK

  • Fix for issues with parent and read-only for Double properties.
  • Added support for SingleStep for Double properties.
  • Added support for hiding properties.

Azure Service Bus

  • JobInfo substitute added to property values defined in UI for the output module.

Database Command

  • Added log entry when running a database command.

File Retriever

  • Added support for loading private keys from the .pem file in the HTTP protocol.


  • Added support for the scrollable message log in the GUI when a test connection fails.
  • Always append a slash to the remote and move to paths defined in FTP Output settings.


  • Added support for loading .P12 certificates.
  • Added support for loading private key from .pem file.
  • Added support for unsplit of URLs.
  • Allow client certificate for HTTP.


  • Added support for the scrollable message log in the GUI when a test connection fails.


  • Fixed a crash if an embedded font CMAP table references Unicode character U+FFFF.
  • Fixed a race condition in PDF image processing.

PDF Extract

  • Added extraction of PDF XMP metadata into PDFMetadata.

PDF Security

  • New property to select the Certificate Store (Local Machine / Current User).
  • Open for an edit of SHA1 Fingerprint with JobInfo substitution support.
  • Regular signature added instead of "Document Modification Detection and Prevention" (DocMDP) signature as it is incompatible with PDF/A-1.

PDF to Text

  • Fixed issue with negative text scaling.
  • Optimized removal of duplicate strings when a PDF contains the same text multiple times on top of each other only slightly offset to create the illusion of bold characters.
  • Clamp character x position to 0 if it's less than half a character outside the left edge of the paper.

XML Signer

  • A new module is now used for signing XML files with XMLDSig or XAdEs.

XML Splitter

  • Added support for JobInfo Criteria and Inactive flag to the XPath Splitting Path actions.

Web Service (Client)

  • Added support for loading private key from .pem file in Web Service Client.
  • Added support for Test Method uses client certificate.

Web Service (Server)

  • Web Service request added to JobData.

XML Transformer

  • Added support for XML Transformer forms to "Run on" an user-defined JobInfo in Modifier events and from script (example: xmltransformers['xmlform'].run(job, 'MyJobData').

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