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May 13 2017

Lasernet 8.2

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Lasernet Release Version 8.2

Release date: 14th March 2017

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.2.

Lasernet Service

  • Fixed an issue where a cloned job was left with a running state if the job was sent to a module that was marked as inactive.
  • Fixed a race condition when using Standard Output for data or log in a Process Engine.

Lasernet Form Editor/Engine

  • Fixed an issue introduced in version 8.1, where the EDI template was lost if contents weren't edited immediately after an import.
  • Improved support for multiple tables that contain dynamic data in XHTML output.
  • Improved support for keeping orders of paragraphs and tables with multiple rows that contain dynamic data in the XHTML output.
  • DPI Settings in Sheet Options -> Advanced Tab were not always saved.
  • Fixed a delay in opening a grab dialog first time after starting Form Editor
  • The line separator has been added after the last line for CSV as the selected output format.
  • Added support for Tab separator when writing TSV in CSV as the selected output format.
  • The Select tool is now always selected as the default when switching between Template and XML tabs.
  • Users can now use CTRL key + left mouse click to create multiple objects without selecting the tool again.
  • The "Locked" functionality has been added to Rearrange, Text, Image and Barcode objects.
  • The "Locked" functionality has been improved for conditional areas & tables.
  • "Locked" objects are vitualized with a dotted object box around objects when selected or when View->Objects is activated.
  • Rearrange added to "Relative to bottom of group" were sometimes added more than once when split into multiple pages.
  • Added markers to the ruler for additional object types.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to select the same regional profile twice for merged rearranges.
  • The "Mixed Mode (Duplex)" and "Combining" flags were incorrectly available in some cases.
  • The Sheet Option -> Destination tab settings are now disabled if the previous sheet is set to combined or mixed mode.
  • Various form types and orientations can now be added to a form with combined/mixed sheets.
  • Table column resizing and table moving have been improved.
  • The Relative to Top/Bottom of the group in the Conditional Rearrange has been improved to support indexed Conditional Rearranges instead of the first value in the index only.

Lasernet Developer

  • Fixed an issue for moving grouped modules to another server instance in diagram mode.
  • Fixed an issue for filtering a text string in list view for Database Connections and Commands.
  • Fixed a crash when searching for text strings in list view for Database Connections and Commands.
  • Fixed a delay in opening a grab dialog for the first time after starting Lasernet Developer and various editors.
  • Fixed an issue wherein a rare scenario could cause an access violation after creating a copy of a server
  • The form could enter a deleted/hidden state when templifying an already open form.
  • Copy/paste support added to a wide range of object types added to a module
  • Moving an XML Transformer Form between engines was not reflected in the item model, causing it to not be shown when adding or editing modifier points.
  • Fix for a leftover .original file when renaming object which had backup restored.
  • Check in of objects with linked files would delete all linked files.

Lasernet Meta

  • Fixed an issue, introduced in version 8.1, where a printed document was not always converted to PDF.
  •  Improved parsing of binary JobInfos in autofill mode.

Lasernet Client

  • Prompt for the password in the inline viewer for PDF documents where security is set to AES.
  • Removed button added in the lower window to allow the user to manually remove extracted OCR item lines.

Lasernet OCR

  • Prompt for the password in the inline viewer for PDF documents where security is set to AES.
  • Fixes an issue in Lasernet OCR Editor where OCR Fields visually figured in incorrect Y-pos. when the second time a grab file was loaded.


  • Line separator added after the last line for CSV output.
  • Added support for the Tab separator when writing TSV output.


  • Added support for Exchange 2015 and 2016.
  • Removed a path from Filename with attachments similar to SMTP mails.


  • Added support for the DELETE verb for HTTP output.


  • Text which was written with a white color sometimes figured with a black colour after PDF conversion (tracking graphics state when resetting clipping regions)
  • Text was not placed correctly when EMF relied on MoveTo instead of passing absolute text coordinates.
  • Fixed problem distinguishing indexed images with the same image data and different palettes.

SharePoint 365

  • Fixed a crash when leaving out the subsite from the connection.
  • Added support for connecting with users in managed (not federated) domains.

Web Server

  • Fixed a hardcoded timeout and now use the user-defined timeout instead.


  • EDI output format is a default set to ISO-8859 instead of UTF-8 (similar to Lasernet 7).

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