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Jul 5 2019

Lasernet 8.14

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Lasernet Release Version 8.14

Release date: 5th July 2019

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.14.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed the detection of landscape mode in preview mode for EMF output.
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted overlay,  from the Import Printed Overlays dialog, were still being imported.
  • Disabled logger info about image rendering.
  • Fixed an issue where a double space was present in the email body for some readers, when the XHTML template was pasted/loaded from another application.

PDF to Text

  • Fixed a case where text strings were converted into two words.

Web Server

  • Fix for the wrong response content-type when a request is SOAP 1.1.

XML Validator

  • Fixed a crash when attempting to download schema when there's no internet connection

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