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Nov 15 2018

Lasernet 8.11

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Lasernet Release Version 8.11

Release date: 4th April 2019

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.11.

Lasernet Developer

  • Developer crashed when renaming a printer profile on a copied printer. This is now fixed.

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Fixed an infinite loop on form processing.
  • Fixed an issue where the form design view and final output differ.
  • Fixed an issue where a created built-in barcode was added with an existing name.
  • Some font sizes were missing for built-in barcodes.
  • JobInfo Substitution in Fixed Text dialog did not ignore spaces and line breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Form Editor responded slowly when opening  Sheet Options.
  • Removed an unexpected error message "Unexpected end of file" when there were no EDI contents in the template.
  • Criteria on Regional profile could in rare cases cause an infinity loop.
  • Improve update of contents in views after loading an existing grab after editing.
  • Case Sensitive flag value was not saved for "Cond. Area Start Criterion" or "Cond. Area End Criterion" from the toolbar.

Lasernet Client

  • CSV files added to Identifiers were read locally and not from the server.

Lasernet Monitor

  • Fix for crashes in rare cases.

Lasernet XML Transformer

  • Fixed a crash when a character entity was found beyond the end of the text node data after decoding previous entities in the same text node.


  • Fixed a memory leak.


  • Fixed authentication.

PDF Engine

  • Fixed an issue where PNG images could get blurry in rare cases.

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