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Dec 23 2016

Lasernet 8.1

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Lasernet Release Version 8.1

Release date: 23rd December 2016

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.1.

Lasernet Form Editor/Engine

  • Fixed an issue where you could not proceed in the Wizard to import an XML template to the XML output view.
  • XHTML Images were not translated to a mail attachment for XHTML mail bodies when selected.
  • Template settings for the CSV output view were lost after adding a template opened in the Sheet Options tab.
  • Improved image translation for inline attachments.
  • The setting for output zoom is now saved to the registry.
  • Improved drag-drop support in Form Editor.
  • Fix for viewing an Excel spreadsheet with charts in the Grab Files dialog.
  • EDI settings added to Form Options for forms with EDI as input format.
  • The pattern description was not created properly on changing pattern position in the XML input.
  • Added preview and removed support for EMF overlay files.
  • A Conditional Rearrange didn't always split properly if the Region had "Relative to" set to "Top of region".
  • Fixed an issue where the overlay adding functionality didn't support the ".emf" extension.
  • Improved the Preview dialog.
  • PDF/A, multi-language and embedded fonts settings are added to the PDF document in preview mode if selected.

Lasernet Developer

  • Improved the handling of default values when checking if objects have been changed in the configuration.
  • Added Export/Import support for files in the Schemas folder used by XML Transformer.
  • Additional descriptions added to the JobInfo dialog help tool.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a Destination with a lengthy description on modules.
  • Fixed the problems when selecting a minimized object, locked objects, or form objects with equal names in XML Transformer vs. Form Engine.
  • Fixed an issue where a destination as default wasn't visible in the destination list on a module even where mimetype was compatible with the to destination.
  • Added preview and moved support for EMF overlay files.
  • Additional JobInfo descriptions added to the built-in manual.
  • Support for viewing password-protected PDF files.

Lasernet Meta

  • The Afterburner option has been added to queues to support the execution of third-party processes/executables after pressing Send.
  • Support for Citrix and Windows RDP added to the Meta Client via a new Lasernet Proxy Service installed by MSI.
  • Warning page added in the preview window if a job is too large - the job will now be stored in the Printer Input queue.

Lasernet Monitor

  • Fixed a crash when editing a server connection.
  • Improved refresh of the monitor log when removing and adding server connections.

Lasernet Client

  • Fixed an issue where a failed job couldn't always be released.
  • Help for a user to only select a single destination, in the Destination dialog, when a job is manually released.
  • Support for viewing password-protected PDF files.

Lasernet OCR

  • Improved Dictionary support.
  • Inactive property setting added to OCR Fields in OCR Engine.
  • Prevention to upload OCR Forms without a document type.
  • Support for viewing password-protected PDF files.

Lasernet Service

  • Handled General Network errors (11) by retrying the SQL command.

Azure Storage Output

  • Existing storage queues can be selected from the drop-down list.
  • Added support for listing Blob Containers and Queues when using a global connection.
  • Substitution support for #DatabaseConnection# syntax in the Database Connection field.
  • JobInfos created or read by Azure modules are now prefixed with "AzureServiceBus" or "AzureStorage".


  • Added new 'Include Empty Cells' option to improve the structure of XML format.


  • Always include empty groups to be able to go back and forth between template and XML.
  • Fix for a wrongly added value separator after group separator.

Excel to XML

  • Better handling of quotes in different places in data fields.

File Input

  • Added a log message when a folder isn't available.
  • Added a log message about falling back to polling when the notification is unavailable.

File Retriever

  • Fix for problems with file retrieval from a network drive.

FTP Output

  • Added support for move functionality if the file must be moved to another folder after an upload.

HTTP Modifier

  • Fix for headers and parameters which are substituted with JobInfo values when used as input.
  • Fix for Response in properties not being used when the direction was set to input.


  • Fix for script function lastIndexOf that did not return an expected value (critical).

Job Engine

  • Handled general network errors (11) by retrying SQL connection/command executed by Job Engine.
  • Fixed an issue with some large font sizes (36pt. +), not being aligned in the expected position, in print documents created via the Lasernet EMF printer driver.


  • Fixed a crash when a subsetting font containing an invalid zero-length cmap encoding subtable.

Web Service (client)

  • THE optional SOAP Envelope header is now removed from the result.

Web Service (server)

  • Prevented circular references when setting up Data Types for web services.

XML Transformer

  • The Previous and Next buttons are fixed.
  • Fix in migration to Lasernet 8 for XML Transformer Modifiers created in Lasernet 6.5.
  • Improved insert placement logic for new objects when no items are selected.
  • Fix for running modifiers that work on JobData.

Module SDK

  • Support for running in editor mode in modifiers developed with the SDK.


  • Installers will now refuse to run on Windows prior to Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 2008R2 SP1.

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