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Oct 3 2016

Lasernet 8.0

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Lasernet Release Version 8.0

Release date: October 2016

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 8.0.

 For a more detailed description of these new features, please see our New Features page. 

New modules and services

  • Microsoft SharePoint 365
  • Microsoft Azure Storage BLOB
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Queue
  • Microsoft Azure Service Bus
  • FTP modifier
  • HTTP modifier
  • PDF Extract modifier
  • CSV Modifier with CSV to XML option
  • Microsoft Event Log and Syslog integration
  • Improved performance and job size

Lasernet Developer

  • Modifier editors
  • Form templates
  • Manage overlay files
  • Color separators
  • Set Default Computer name
  • New JobInfo and Modifier event points
  • Copy/Paste Destinations, Modifiers and JobInfos with criteria

Lasernet Form Editor

  • Improved user interface
  • Save form as
  • Styles 
  • Format painter
  • Column and row layout guidelines
  • Lock object
  • Align and Spacing tool
  • Show measurements in units of millimeters or inches
  • Right-to-left text support (available from Lasernet 7.9)
  • View overlay files as thumbnails and open source files in Form Editor
  • Dynamic Regions
  • Regions created based on variable data instead of fixed names
  • Page protection for header/footer
  • Calculation based on calculations
  • Maximum value length for node value in XML
  • Interpret images from Azure Storage and SharePoint
  • New JobInfo Event dialogs in Sheet Options
  • Criteria support on Rearranges
  • Criteria support for Regional Profiles in Form Options, Sheet Options and Rearranges
  • Embed contents of the Sheet in next Sheet
  • Design XHTML as output format in Rich Text Editor
  • New document formats in Form Editor/Engine
  • Input: EDI, CSV, XLS
  • Output: EDI, CSV, XHTML, PDF, TIFF

XML Transformer

  • Group action
  • Grab file dialog

Lasernet OCR

  • Mass input/export support.
  • Greedy option for OCR Data Fields.
  • Customize Identifiers as a new band in dialogs for Form List, Update and Retrieve.
  • Eliminate headers and footers.
  • Support for Modifiers, SharePoint, Azure Storage, Database Commands when validating.
  • Dictionary.

Lasernet Client

  • Banding support (group columns by colors)
  • Add, remove and view attachments

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