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Jul 5 2021

Lasernet 10.0.1

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Lasernet Release Version 10.0.1 

Release date: 6th July 2021

Click here to download this latest version. 

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of the components of Lasernet Version 10.0.1

Lasernet Server
  • If Backup for LocalDB was set to On Service Startup and Job Retention was larger than 0 the DatabaseCleaner did not stop running on service startup.

  • New system JobInfo was introduced named ConfigRevision to get the revision of the configuration. In the Developer app, the value is returned as 'Patched' unless an older revision is opened. Lasernet Service returns the deployed revision number.

Lasernet Form Editor
  • Grab function F12 didn’t load file into form as in Lasernet 9. This is now fixed.

  • The currency sign "¤" is supported as the ESC character for the hashmark sign "#" if the hashmark is a part of the string in a Fixed Text or a JobInfo value.

Lasernet Form Engine
  • Barcodes were not loaded in EMF/PDF forms. Now fixed.

Lasernet Web Client
  • Fixed an issue where the appsettings file was read from the wrong folder.

Lasernet XML Transformer
  • Search dialog does not remember checkmarks settings. Now fixed.

Lasernet OCR Engine
  • Issue fixed for loading multiple OCR Engines in a configuration.

PDF Splitter
  • Support for splitting PDF documents with barcodes not embedded as an image.

Scheduler Input
  • Fixed an issue where Scheduler Input jobs did not start at the scheduled time.

Web Server Input
  • Fixed an issue where a ByteArray was not added as Base64 encoded string, but instead as an array of bytes.

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