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Oct 17 2023

Lasernet FO Connector 6.19 New Features (part VI)

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Release version: 6.19

Release date: 17th October 2023


This page describes the enhancements in Lasernet FO Connector 6.19.

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324208@LAC365FO – T&P - Generate report summary - Error: Root element is missing

A warning was thrown when generating the Report summary, when the last entry in the Lasernet archive had an ”invalid” reference to the XMLfile, such as restoring an environment.

Lasernet FO Connector 6.19 does not throw this error (a work-around in previous versions was to run and prepare a proper XML file for the Lasernet Archive).

323710@LAC365FO - Direct jump from preview form or archive form to Report configuration

A new option is introduced to jump from the preview of a document to the report.


Clicking Report in the preview will open the report configuration for the Report shown in the preview.

It is also possible to open the report configuration directly from the Lasernet Archive.

316147@LAC365FO - Email defaults of Company/Report are not executed when resending a PDF (without Force re-run)

Resending an existing document (without Force re-run) from the Lasernet Archive did not apply the From name and From e-mail defined within the Lasernet parameters, when the previous document was not processed to an e-mail.

This has been fixed.

308788@LAC365FO - Parameters with spaces in their names no longer result in errors in the Expression editor

An error was thrown when accessing parameters containing a space within the Expression editor.

This error no longer occurs.

299787@LAC365FO - Not possible to use added functions with identical names from different tablets/classes

Lasernet FO Connector supports the option to add a function even when the same function/method exists in several tables in Dynamics 365.

It is possible to add functions/methods from either the expression or the Lasernet parameters.

Adding a function from the Expression Editor

Functions in Lasernet FO Connector provide the option to ”re-use” existing functions/methods from the application.

Remember to clear the Lasernet Cache in case new functions/methods are added.

Provide a unique name within the Name in expressions as this is the name shown within the Expression Editor.


It is also possible to ”name” and create new functions in the Expression function located at Lasernet > Setup > Parameters > General > Default values.

271957@LAC365FO - #21778- D365FO LAC: Decouple XML and PDF storage for SharePoint 365

Two new useful options are introduced in relation to Report attachments:


  • URL Original

They are especially useful for attachments in SharePoint as they allow to parse the attachment(s) through a reference to a temporary location within the Azure Storage.

The following two new options are located at Lasernet > Setup > Administration > Lasernet servers:


In the following example SharePoint is only used in Lasernet to save the documents (PDF files). The Azure Service Bus Queue and Azure Storage are used for communication between Lasernet FO Connector and Lasernet.

In Lasernet FO Connector, attachments are saved in SharePoint.

Using URL XML will save a copy of the attachments into the Storage specified in the field D365FO connection to report XML data storage (Optional, advanced).

Using this option is advantageous because it avoids using SharePoint for communication between Lasernet FO Connector and Lasernet as this could cause throttling issues in SharePoint.

Attachments parsed through the Azure Storage are removed in Lasernet once used.

No adjustments are required within the Lasernet configuration as it reuses the same generic logic that is already used for attachment(s).

URL Original

Using URL Original will parse a URL to the original location of the document and Lasernet will use this URL to add the attachment.

In the following example, the attachments are saved in SharePoint, which in turn is configured for the following Default Sharepoint server, Site and Folder.

The Default SharePoint server is located at Organization administration > Document management > Document management parameters > SharePoint.

The document type (Site, sub-site/folder) is located at Organization administration > Document management > Document types.

The following, in relation to the connection documents_auto_sharepoint, only applies to the legacy in Lasernet and is not required when Graph is used.

A connection such as the one displayed in the following image is required for parsing/providing the proper URL to Lasernet as attachments in standard Lasernet FO Connector are not saved in the same location as the attachments used with/in Lasernet FO Connector/Lasernet.

Create a SharePoint connection documents_auto_sharepoint:


Benchmark/comparison between URL XML & URL Original

The Test & Performance Suite (T&P) is used for benchmarking performance.

Benchmark is at a Tier-1 Dev-box; Service Fabric (SF) environment is not used.

Processing 10 documents which are having the same attachment:


URL Original


Sharepoint XML+PDF

Service Bus Queue

Azure Storage

1 batch-thread

16 seconds

30 seconds

55 seonds

16 seconds

2 batch-threads

8 seconds

20 seconds

44 seonds

10 seconds

4 batch-threads

6 seconds

22 seconds

45 seconds

9 seconds

8 batch-threads

11 seconds

28 seconds

58 seconds

10 seconds

An attachment (PDFfile) containing the General Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery is added to all confirmations.

232282@LAC365FO - Better validation of Email/syntax

205376@LAC365FO - Validate email syntax

Lasernet FO Connctor 6.19 validates email addresses entered within the "printer dialog". We received feedback from a PEAP customer who got warnings as their master data contained many spaces and a ; (semicolon).

It is possible to configure the validation of email addresses through a RegEx (Regular Expression) but also to completely avoid this validation, if needed.

It is best practice to have a validation of the entered email addresses as this can often prevent errors at the start of a process.

The regular expression for validating an email address is located in Lasernet > Setup > Parameters.

Use the value .* within VALIDATION to have the system accept any values. Please, only use this as a workaround as it is preferable to have a stronger and more strict validation as this could avoid potential issues.

Avoid validation of the email address

Using .* will make any value acceptable.

Example of accepted space before ; (semicolon) but not afterwards (standard in 6.19)

Entered email addresses:;



Example of unaccepted ; (semicolon) and space (current standard in 6.19-PEAP)

Entered email addresses:;



354024@LAC365FO - T&P: Checkpoint creation from Top picking report processing (PDF comparison – Add checkpoints through Top picking in T&P)

It is now possible to automatically to create ‘Test points’ through the Top picking located within the Test & Performance suite. 

Location: Lasernet > Test and performance suite > Performance > Batch print schedule (Top picking)

This feature creates both checkpoints and a Test flow containing all the checkpoints. It also makes it much easier and faster to create the required checkpoints. 


382090@LAC365FO - Lasernet button now includes logo 

Location: Lasernet > Setup > Parameters 

It is now possible to specify which text and image should be shown on the buttons used in the Lasernet FO Connector. 

This includes a preview that shows what it will look like for an end user. 

Select None if no image must be shown.  

‘Lasernet’ is the default text option, when no label or language text are selected. 

Similar options exist within the Form links: specifying Menu label, Label, Menu Image and Image will overwrite the settings specified within the parameters for the Lasernet FO Connector. 

382541 - T&P: UX Test > Form personalisation – visualisation 

Location: Lasernet > Test and performance suite > Test > UX tests

It is now possible to see the ‘form views’ used at the time of the recording. 

It is also possible to reset all the views saved as part of the recording, by using Reset form views.

Using UX Test for the playback of the task recording will include the saved Form views from the time of the recording, and use them as part of the playback.

Changes to Default configuration/Demo setup

341412@LAC365FO - Lasernet: Missing # in the module for OutSharepoint

A postfix # was missing in the module OutSharepoint within the Pre JobInfos.

338567 - Support 338567: LAC Default Config Update for Cheque_USReplacement for 6.19

The following is added in the default/demo-configuration for the SSRS Report Cheque_US and the replacement report Cheque_USReplacement.


Added to ensure unique filenames; having non-unique filenames can cause duplications and missing reports.

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