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Feb 22 2021

JFinder New Features Version 170608

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JFinder Release Version 170608

Release date: NA

New Features

This latest version of Autoform JFinder brings with it a major new development that we believe will help customers reach its full potential. 

A significant change in the way documents that fail to be processed is handled. From this release, JFinder will retry all failing documents a specified number of times and then automatically abort documents. Previously, network issues would retry documents indefinitely so a network outage will require all documents that failed during that time to be re-processed.

The number of retries is configurable using max-retry-count in PDMservice.xml, the default value is 3 for a new installation. 

Ensure this value is added to any existing configuration files that are reused as it will otherwise default to 0 (unlimited).

As with other configuration values, this is valid as either a sub-element or an attribute on the PDMServiceConfig element; the sub-element will take precedence if both are present.

The other important setting is <timeout> for PDMDOC at the end of JfinderV2.xml that determines how long to wait between retries:




<type-definition ID="9">






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