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How do I subscribe to Knowledgebase articles? - News / General - Formpipe Support Portal

Jun 15 2021

How do I subscribe to Knowledgebase articles?

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Why Subscribe?

Subscribing to our Support Portal  brings our customers an abundance of tested benefits:

Enhanced efficiency

A centralised location for all your service communications, allowing all inflowing activity to come together into one place. This makes the workflow more efficient for our Support Team to be able to resolve any product issues you may have.


With an abundance of information available through our Knowledgebase and Guides areas, you will be able to quickly retrieve a wide selection of articles related to your software issue, enabling you to solve the problem independently.  Receive notifications of any updates to articles and Guides through the use of the Subscription feature, ensuring that the content is relevant to your software version.


Our News section merges our release notes with other significant timely information that is related to our customer's needs. These could be major bugs that have been identified, useful resources and detailed overviews of brand new software features.


Our FormBytes series of video tutorials provide informative guides to help you effectively use our products.  

Subscribing to Knowledgebase Articles

Of particular importance is the ability to subscribe to our Knowledgebase, enabling our customers to be kept up-to-date with the latest releases of our software. To subscribe to an article or a category in the Knowledgebase, open up any article and then choose the Subscribe dropdown menu on the right:

A green checkmark will indicate which area you have subscribed to. You can then receive updates to that article, updates to any article in that category as well as updates to the Knowledgebase as a whole. 

This Article: Select to receive any updates to a particular article.

News Post: Select to receive any updates to a specific news post.

Category: Select to receive any updates to this category. For example, to receive any updates to the whole News category, select News. To receive any updates to the Lasernet FAQs category, whilst viewing an article in that category, select Category.

Knowledgebase: Select to receive any updates to the entire Knowledgebase. 

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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