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Apr 27 2021

D365 FO Connector 5.2 Release Notes

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LAC365FO Release Version

Release date: 4th June 2021

This document describes the enhancements in LAC365FO version

Lasernet version contains all the models including the model for the integration with D365CE and the models for Lasernet print buttons.

The newly introduced package LACMSHotfixes contains hotfixes for the standard D365FO.

It is possible to install/deploy this package separately and the package will get updated once new hotfixes are introduced for the standard D365FO.

Both the package and the release notes for LACMSHotfixes are accessible as separate downloads.

LAC365FO version contains the following models/packages:




Core and main engine for LAC365FO


Additional requirements in relation to 8.1 and newer versions of standard D365FO


Lasernet print buttons


Adaptor between the Lasernet print buttons and Lasernet


Hotfixes for standard D365FO

New model LasernetPU35Spec

The new model LasernetPU35Spec is added for supporting the Wave labels in standard D365FO.

The model LasernetPU35Spec is only added to the PU34+ package and it’s possible to download and install a separate package containing this model.

LAC365FO version is only supported from Lasernet version 9 and a setup for Lasernet version 9 is required for any new installation and when upgrading from Lasernet 8.

The version number should contain version such as the following after either installing or deploying the AOT package:

Lasernet > Setup > Parameters

Add the AOT-package:

  • Either through LCS - apply a deployable package to an environment 

  • Or by installing a deployable package – requires RDP access to the environment

Major enhancements

The primary focus in LAC365FO version  is stability.

LAC365FO version supports Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations PU43 (10.0.19).

Using previous versions of LAC365FO would cause issue(s) with PU43 (10.0.19) as the Lasernet destination wasn’t shown for all reports – both an issue with the printer settings dialog and the Lasernet print buttons.


Support for PU43 (10.0.19)

Support for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations PU43 (10.0.19).

LAC365FO contains the new option Auto detect patterns.

The Lasernet connector (LAC365FO) is using the “call-stack” in std. Dynamics 365FO to identify if Lasernet should be available as the destination.

This call-stack is changed in standard Dynamics 365FO PU43/10.0.19 and therefore also requires changes in LAC365FO (and PRN as well).

The feature Auto detect patterns within Lasernet > Setup > Parameters IS added to support any versions of Dynamics D365FO - to ensure LAC365FO are both backward and forward compatible.

Please use the Auto detect patterns in case the Lasernet destinations aren’t shown as expected.

It will automatically get initialized when running a report for the first time but requires a “re-initialization” by using the Auto detect patterns when upgrading to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations PU43 or newer.

Information about the detection of Lasernet as a destination is saved within the fields Stack form pattern and Stack class pattern.

Please remember to use the Auto detect patterns for each of the Companies/Legal entities within Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations in case Lasernet is missing as a destination or in case of an upgrade to D365FO PU43 or newer.

Auto detect patterns are located in Lasernet > Setup > Parameters

The Stack form pattern and Stack class pattern are made visible to provide an option for a work-around in case Microsoft makes additional changes to the “call-stack” in future versions of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

Bug fixes and enhancements

221459@LAC365FO – EcoResProductCategory somehow is referenced in Retail and in PU43 requires Lasernet reference to Retail

A reference to the model Retail is required for the model Lasernet when using Dynamics for Finance & Operations PU43 / 10.0.19.

This is added in LAC365FO version

221384@LAC365FO – Validation on orphaned LACReportParameters

Activating the following preview feature could cause issues when saving the record on a Form.

This could also cause issues when trying to add a condition to the Form.

A workaround was disabling the following preview feature in std. Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations:


Warnings such as the following could be displayed in Form Lasernet servers when trying to create/save the record:


'Field 'Instance' must be filled in.'

'Field 'Connection string' must be filled in.'

And the following warnings could be displayed when adding a condition:


'Field 'Label' must be filled in.'

'Field 'Section' must be filled in.'

'Field 'Report' must be filled in.'

Bug fixes and enhancements 

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EcoResProductCategory is referenced in Retail and in PU43 requires Lasernet reference to Retail.



Report name finder does not work on the new PU43 due to call stack structure changes.




LCS DB Sync step fails when PRNParameters tries to load stack-pattern LAC



Validation on orphaned LACReportParameters -




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