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Aug 3 2023

Lasernet BC Connector Release Notes

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Lasernet BC Connector Release Version

Release date: 3rd August 2023


Click to download the Lasernet BC Connector installer package.

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Maintenance Report

This section is an overview of the fixes and features included with this version.


If you encounter difficulty whilst using Lasernet BC Connector, contact us via the Create Ticket button in the Support Portal.

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Predefined Destinations.

A new option is now available on the Lasernet Request page entitled Predefined Destinations. This option allows the user to control destinations such as file formats like EDI, Excel and Word documents on the customer or vendor card.

New Feature


Option to select Custom Port.

Custom Ports is a new function that allows you to specify a name for a destination type, for example - FTP Formpipe.

New Feature


File Format.

Users can now control which file type (EDI, Word, Excel, etc.) they want to distribute to their customers or vendors.

New Feature


All totals are now aligned across all reports.

We have streamlined all totals within the XML file, so Sales Invoice and Sales Order Confirmation, etc. have the same totals, taxes and subtotals, etc.

Feature enhanced


Edit Email properties before sending.

It is now possible to see which email addresses and mail subject and body we will send to the customer or vendor before sending the email.

New Feature


Post & Print via Job Queue did not work.

When using Post & Print via job Queue the following error used to occur:

“Report 12060805 is a process-only report. Output cannot be rendered and saved to a file”.



Adding a Filter within Document Layout did not show the table name.

When adding a new filter with Document Layout, the name of the tables was not showing, so users were in doubt about which table they were selecting the field from.



Aging Band selection on Customer Statement.

We now support Aging Band on the Customer Statement.

New Feature


When entering Description of Document Layout Field as "1" users got an error upon report printing.

If you named your new field “1” an error occurred when running the report.



Run multiple reports to Save as PDF will only save one PDF.

If you were printing multiple documents to Save to PDF, only the last PDF was saved. We have added support for selecting multiple reports to Save as PDF so now users can zip all PDFs into a single zip file.

Feature enhanced


Prevention or notification of creation entries with empty Field No.

If you try to add Fields or Placeholders without any data, there is now a notification.

Feature enhanced


Upgrade process failing when expecting Lasernet Connector Setup to be present.

When you have a new company created in version <, and never opened the Connector Setup page or did not export and/or import Lasernet Setup to that new company, it would cause an error when trying to upgrade to version



Document Layout for Transfer Shipment/Receipt Lines did not include data from custom fields.

Document Layout adding Custom fields did not work on these two reports as no data was added to the XML file.



Restrict user from entering data in non-relevant fields on Document Layout.

Now you can only edit the fields that belong to the type of custom field you add, for example - Language Text. You can only edit the columns that belong to that type.

Feature enhanced


Customer Statement - Did not show a message with missing ledger entries when printing to multiple customers.

On the Request Page we have added an option entitled Show No Data Errors to select whether or not you would like to see the warning if there is no data present for customer xx.

New Feature


Printer Selection uses Printer ID on behalf of Printer Name.

Before we were using the Printer Name when adding a printer to Printer Selections. Now we use the Printer ID which is more efficient because the ID cannot change like the name.

Feature enhanced


Email templates.

It is now possible to create several active templates for the same report and language.



Customer Statement with Balance Only did not show correct starting entries.

If users had ledger entries for the customer and selected a period that is after the ledger entries and selected Only customers with a balance on the Request Page, it resulted in no body information.



Connection String export shows full string.

We have changed the export, so the Connection string for Azure Service Bus and Storage is now converted into another string instead of the real string connection string. The export file can now be easily copied and the string can be used.

Feature enhanced


Preview did not work with large PDF files.

If users had a Word document as a fixed attachment and emailed it through their BC email account, they could encounter an error message.



Error “Microsoft Office document cannot be imported.”

If users had a Word document as a fixed attachment and emailed it through their BC email account, they could encounter this error.



Fax for Inventory reports

The fax number was never added to the xml file on inventory reports.


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