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Nov 4 2022

Lasernet BC Connector

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Lasernet BC Connector Release Version

Release date: 4th November 2022

New Features and Enhancements

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features, enhancements, and fixes of Lasernet BC Connector

Features and Bugs

Ticket No.




Support for Attachments from BC


Define email body and subject


Limited number of records in custom field filtering (Document Layout)


Customer/Vendor No. is added to Lasernet Archive


Support for Job Queue run of Lasernet reports


Sales Shipment prints all records if you post and print


Sales Shipment only prints one record when combining Sales Orders into one Warehouse Shipment


Added Item Attribute to Warehouse Picking List report


Added VAT Specification to Sales Quote


Customer Statement: the extra section for the currency is removed from the report


Document Layout does not suggest Description field when validating Field No.


Use Distribution does not look for active/not active


Rename MailBody node to MailBodyHTML


New publisher required for passing custom fields on Print Request


System Value in Document Layout does not look at Data Formats


Add Translations Access for custom fields on Document Layout


Translations are missing in the XML footer


Data formats setting is not applied in Reports

208988 - Support for Attachments from BC

We have improved the attachment functionality so it now includes the option to send emails through both BC and Lasernet. It is now possible to specify the desired attachment and which report you wish to add it to.

204460 – Define Email body and subject

You can now specify your own email body and subject in different languages and use placeholders as variable fields/words in an email template to personalize the email for a customer or vendor.

You first need to specify the placeholders. Placeholders are the fields from a table that you wish to use in an email template, such as Customer Name, Document Number, or Username.

Next, you must create the email template. You can use and import an HTML email or create your own with our tool. You can also specify the language desired by the customers and vendors.

323241 – Limited number of records in custom field filtering (Document Layout)

We have added a new setting to Lasernet Setup, so you can control the maximum number of records that should be retrieved from the database when custom fields are added using Document layout. The default is 10000 records, and zero would produce unlimited records.

307297 – Customer / Vendor No. added to Lasernet Archive

We have added a new column to give a better overview of Customers and Vendors.

We have added support for Job Queue executions from code. We are still waiting for Microsoft to add Post and Print hooks via Job Queue. They have told us that it will be fixed in BC 21.47191.xxxx

Using Post and Print Warehouse Shipment, Lasernet did not look for Marked Only shipments and printed all Shipments. This has now been corrected.

If you combine Warehouse Shipments from multiple Sales Orders, only one of the Sales Shipments was printed rather than all of them. This has now been corrected.

We have added Item Attributes to the Lasernet report. The attributes were already on the report but were missing on the second node in the XML file.

This can now be added to the report layout using the Lasernet Developer Tool.

We have added VAT specifications to the Lasernet report. This can now be added to the report layout using the Lasernet Developer Tool.

On the Customer Statement report, a currency section was always added even though it resulted in open entries in Detail Customer ledger entries.

If your Customer Statement had an entry within a specific currency, this section was always added. This has now been corrected.

When a Document Layout validated the Field No. it did not always suggest a Description.

The activation and deactivation of Use Distribution were not previously addressed. If you had a record within the Distribution settings, then the email was taken from this record despite Use Distribution being deactivated.

The MailBody node in the XML file has been renamed to MailBodyHTML to support the new Email Template feature.

Remember to change your XML Transformer Engine, so it now looks for this node name instead of the old name.

The priority of formats of custom fields from Document Layout is taken in the following order:

  • Format String (only for System Value field type)

  • If empty (for System Value field type), then look for the Field Format ID for the selected language

  • If not found, then look for the Field Format ID for empty language

  • If not found, then look for the Usage Format ID for the selected language

  • If not found, then look for the Usage Format ID for the empty language

  • If not found, then the XML format is taken (<Standard Format,9>)

We have added a shortcut to Translation within Document Layout.

Some nodes were missing translations.



On some reports like Sales Order, if there was not any language specified then it returned to the Lasernet Connector Setup default language settings. This caused the report to show the wrong data format in the XML file.

#323648 – Skipped Document Layout line with no data

If you accidentally added an empty line within Document Layout, it would not run the report. This produced an error message which stated that the record was not open.

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