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Jul 14 2022

D365 BC Connector

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Lasernet Connector BC Release Version

Release date: 13th July 2022

New Features and Enhancements

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features, enhancements and fixes of Lasernet Connector BC version

#306569 – Error about wrong HTTP headers

On-premise BC version 19.0-19.2 gave an error message when having no English BC language within GUI. Below is a sample in Swedish: 

#306936 – VATAmtTotal node Translation attribute did not translate 

A specific element in the XML file (VATAmtTotal) did not translate when based on the language in the report.  This is now fixed.

#305368 – New feature – Support for issuing reminders in bulk

Before adding this feature, it would only go to printers. Now, when selecting Print in the dialog box, Lasernet will look at the Default Print Method on the customer card to select how the customer wants to receive the document - email, print, E-Invoice, etc. 

To see more on how this works, please see the article Issuing reminders and Finance Charge memos in bulks on our Knowledgebase.

#302479 – The order of totals has changed

We have changed the order of the totals, VAT, etc. 

#302810 – New feature – Active / not active on Document Layouts 

It is now possible to deactivate a table or a single field. This is useful when testing or building reports. 


#303990 – Extended Text entries were duplicated on some reports. 

Duplicates are now removed in version Purchase Order is one of the reports. 

#303254 – Customer Statement substitution subscriber always sets ReportID as Lasernet's  

Customer Statement substitution subscriber always sets ReportID as Lasernet's, even when it could be substituted with custom. This is for developers only. 

#303394 – New report - Transfer Receipt 

There is now support for the Transfer Receipt report. 

#303348 – New report - Transfer Shipment 

There is now support for the Transfer Shipment report.  

#283828 – New report - Sales Return Receipt 

There is now support for the Sales Return Receipt report.  

#303345 – New report - Purchase Return Order 

There is now support for the Purchase Return Order report.  

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