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May 11 2022

Lasernet BC Connector

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Lasernet BC Connector Release Version

Release date: 5th May 2022

New Features and Enhancements

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features, enhancements and fixes of Lasernet BC Connector

#294605 – Importing Document Layout Field does not cover Type and Translated Text

Document layout fields such as Translated Text and System Values were not imported correctly. This is now fixed.

#295052 – Missing XML Footer Translations

Translations in the footer section did not look at the Languagecode. The ENU translation was always displayed. This is now fixed.

#295595 – Importing Distribution Settings from older Connector version produces wrong Distribution Email Entries

After import, the email address was added to MailTo and also MailCC even though there was no MailCC in the import file. This is now fixed.

#295691 – Sales Shipment report - Show Recommended Price does not work

“Show Recommended Price” on Sales Shipment was not taken into account if switched to Yes on the Request Page. The price is never added to the XML file. This is now fixed.

#296446 – Importing Report Selections sets wrong values

After import, the “Use for Email Body” was enabled causing an error when trying to email. This is now fixed.

#296449 – Missing pages in PermissionSet

“ArchiveData FB” and “Copy Language Dialog” pages are now added to the FPL permission set.

#296508 – Sales Shipment report does not take the "Show price" setting from Customer Card

If you enabled “Show price on shipment”, then Lasernet did not change the Lasernet request page according to the Customer Card setting. This is now fixed.

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