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Feb 15 2022

D365 BC Connector

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Lasernet Connector BC Release Version

Release date: 15th February 2022

New Features and Enhancements

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and enhancements of Lasernet Connector BC version

#285841 – Support for Attach PDF

Now we support the Attach PDF function. When selecting the function it will add the Lasernet report within the attachment on BC

#284542 – Add environment information to PrintControl section

We have added the environment name into the XML file.

#283825 – New report - Sales Return Order

We have added the Sales Return Order report to our list.

#279672 – Sales Order - email handling use standard hooks

We have changed our code so we use standard hooks.

#282806 – Show request page for every Post & Send / Print option

You can now select if you want to show a Lasernet request page when there is a print action in the background. For example, when you issue a Reminder or Posting a Sales Return Order (this will trigger the Sales Shipment and Invoice report). 


#286218– Document Layout - Customer Statement - Adding data on line level does not show up in XML file

Adding a new field via Document Layout didn’t add the field to the XML file. Now fixed.

#281049– Customer Statement - Add translation handling for predefined descriptions of Detailed Cust. Ledger Entry Types.

The right translation on the statement for some fields was not added. This is now corrected.

#281048 – Customer Statement - Description and DocumentNumber nodes have incorrect values

This is now corrected and will show up correctly on the report.

#279671– Rework subscribers for email, auto print

We have improved our code. We have rewritten the code for all reports.

#285282 – File Path Setup is exported/imported incorrectly (Onprem)

We had the wrong node name in the XML file when exporting. This is now corrected.

#281050 – Error when printing Warehouse Shipment

The following errors have been fixed:

Error: Record (7320) is not compatible with Codeunit Run (record(5766)).

"FPL Whse-Shipment"(Report 12060800).OnPreReport(Trigger) line 29 - Lasernet Connector by Formpipe Software AB

"Report Selection Warehouse"(Table 7355).PrintDocuments line 11 - Base Application by Microsoft

"Report Selection Warehouse"(Table 7355).PrintWhseShipmentHeader line 2 - Base Application by Microsoft

"Warehouse Document-Print"(CodeUnit 5776).PrintShptHeader line 11 - Base Application by Microsoft

"Warehouse Shipment"(Page 7335)."&Print - OnAction"(Trigger) line 2 - Base Application by Microsoft

#283667 – Import error: Media object cannot be imported because the InStream object is empty

This error was shown when importing an archive. This is now corrected.

#280911 – Some publishers with IsHandled that is not passed by reference

This only occurs if you add your own customized report. (For developers).

#280810 – Introduced interface FPL Connector Interface v2 with new method HandleFileName

This only occurs if you add your own customized report. (For developers).

#280930 – Introduced new interface FPL Print Archive v2 with updated method OpenArchivePage that allows handling separate documents

This only occurs if you add your own customized report. (For developers).

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