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Nov 9 2020

D365 BC Connector

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Lasernet Connector BC Release Version

Release date: 9th November 2020

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of Lasernet Version

  • #622    There is now Sales Blanket Order report support.
  • #653    Added support for Data Format on Custom Fields.
  • #658    BC's Send Email does not attach PDF from Lasernet if it is not specified in Report Selection
  • #662    Added support for BLOB fields. They are added as a base64 string into the XML file.
  • #666    Purchase Blanket Order report support.
  • #667    Purchase Quote report support.
  • #668    Added Total amounts to the Sales Quote report.
  • #670    Issued Reminder report - Added Due date and Charge Terms Code.
  • #671    Issued Finance Charge Memo cannot reprint or email.
  • #672    Issued Reminder cannot reprint or email.
  • #674    Lasernet Setup - Azure setting is hidden on new installations.
  • #675    Adding text to Mail Subject is not working.
  • #677    Add Unit of Measure and Location to lines on all eligible reports.
  • #679    Lasernet Item Label is added to the Item Card.
  • #680    Work Order report support.
  • #681    Transfer Order report support.
  • #682    Suggest Document Layout Tables and Filters action are added.
  • #683    Added G/L Account number back to Sales Invoice report and others.
  • #685    Added support for Media and Media set fields. They are added as a base64 string into the XML file (Images).
  • #686    Customer Statement report support.
  • #692    Option field for different behavior support in Data Format.
  • #693    Report Selections Inventory added to the Lasernet Document Mgt menu and page.
  • #696    Add Distribution Settings handling on Inventory Setup
  • #702    Misspell in menu name miscellaneous.
  • #705    Change from BC Printer Selection to Lasernet Printer Selection.

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