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Feb 22 2021

Autoform JFinder Release Notes Combined

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JFinder Release Combined

Release date: Various

New Features and Fixes

The purpose of this section is to outline the new features and fixes of JFinder.

Version 190404

  • JFinder shouldn't crash when encountering an issue with zipping files.

Version 170608

  • Multiple Documents with the same CUK cause JFinder to crash.
  • A new configurable option has been added to significantly change the way documents to be processed are handled.

For more details, see the JFinder New Features page.

Version 161222

  • JFinder-Looping issue when doctype doesn't exist in AUTOFORM DM-8.

Version 160913

  • JFinder Attachment Filename does not allow UTF-8.

 Version 160815

  • JFinder v2 needs to support PDF signing with an SHA-256 certificate.
  • Added the ability to specify the encoding for EmailService.

 Version 160701

  • Update JFinder to catch Axis Exception when creating a doc definition and Fail the document so it is not retried.

 Version 150707

  • Fixed compatibility mode to be IE10 by default so it works in IE11.
  • JFinder can now be configured to connect to AUTOFORM DM via HTTPS.

 Version 150507

  • Takes a long time to get a canonical hostname.

 Version 150416

  • Updating a document using a document with the same CUK does not fail.
  • Modify JFinder Installer to enable Silent installations.
  • JFinder PDF2TIF temp files.

 Version 150219

  • JFinder losing connection to AUTOFORM DM when PDMUPD is NO and a DuplicateCukException is thrown.

 Version 141015

  • JFinder fails the job if AUTOFORM DM database down.

 Version 140805

  •  Leaking and reusing database connections in Schedule and Sort.

 Version 131010

  • Files being stored as tmp in AUTOFORM DM.
  • Improved some logging.

 Version 130813

  • Update Contact Info.
  • JFinder licence agreement.
  • Update installer to fit with branding guidelines.
  • JFinder is not deleting temp files.
  • JFinder database setup utility gives JDBC driver error (remove MySQL support).
  • Fixed PDF signing - save with PDF extension.

 Version 121023

  • Documents regularly stop processing until JFinder Service is restarted.

 Version 111031

  • AUTOFORM DM 7.x compatibility has been introduced.

 Version 111028

JFinder will shutdown after attempting licence activation - you will need to get the activation code from the logs.

  • JFinder could not read DST information on Windows 7 and Server 2008. Fixed by updating to latest 1.4.2 update. This is the same issue which affected AUTOFORM DM.

 Version 110819

  • Ignore hash commands with no value when it comes to the archiving (still pick them up for processing).
  • EMLREC with no Value in command tries to send and causes bounceback to the sender address.

 Version 110818

  • Reverted behavioural change to hash command processing in v110803.

 Version 110803

  • Will no longer log to stdout.txt by default (modified file). Ensure this file is overwritten as part of update, or removed prior to update.
  • Will no longer try to retrieve a file to update if PDMUPD is set to YES but PDMCUK is not set.
  • Will no longer insert '* No Value*' into any commands with unrecognised values, it will just ignore them and log a warning message.
  • JFinder will no longer try and lock a record itself before updating (as the update method in AUTOFORM DM webservices locks it implicitly anyway).
  • Poor database concurrency management leads to loss of data when archiving to V4 (it sometimes reused existing Page_ID).
  • Removed 255 character limit on hash commands.

 Version 110527

  • 'cfu' temp files being leftover by AUTOFORM DM caused by MD5 issues with JFinder as a result of:

- Concatenating 'fusf' temp files when failing to archive.

- JFinder document MD5 not matching AUTOFORM DM's (JFinder corrupting MD5).

- Should no longer experience 'cfu' temp files being left over in AUTOFORM DM (However AUTOFORM DM will need need an update in future fix this fully).

  • Setting the purge timers for PROCESSED files in JFinderV2.xml to 0 will now disable them and cause it to keep the files indefinitely. 
This is now the default configuration for failed files. Successful files remain defaulted to keep for 5 days only.

Version 100412

Released 12th April 2010

  • JFinder email retry leave files behind.
  • Order Acknowledgement

Version 91130

Released 30th November 2009

  • Unable to update settings while using Internet Explorer 8.

Version 90707

Released 7th July 2009

  • Create append functionality.
  • Enforce administrator privileges.


As part of the append functionality there are now two new converters, PDF to TIF and TIF to PDF. The appending functionality has the ability to append TIF to TIF and PDF to PDF. Combined with the two new converters there is thus the ability to effectively append PDF to TIF and TIF to PDF.

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