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Dec 18 2020

Autoform DM 9.2 New Features

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DM Release Version 9.2.0

Release date: 18th December 2020

New Features

This latest version of Autoform DM will be the last minor release under version 9, before we begin focussing on delivering even more great new features (as well as a new look) for version 10. This release brings with it some major new developments that we believe will help customers on older versions of our software to upgrade, so that they can start enjoying some of the great new features and improvements we have added over the years, as well as helping Autoform DM to reach its full potential. Alongside this, we have also looked at ways of making Autoform DM even more secure, so that customers in any industry can be certain that their data is well protected.

Document Encryption

We have added an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access or processing of sensitive data. Autoform DM can now be configured to perform application-level encryption of document files.

For new installations, it is as simple as enabling the encrypting feature and Autoform DM will begin encrypting documents on the fly as they are created.

For existing installations that are upgrading, encryption can be enabled in the same way, but the migration of already existing documents into an encrypted state can then be scheduled at any time via the new Encryption screen in the AUTOFORM DM UI. 

This provides a flexible solution for migrating installations of any size to an encrypted state, over a period of days, weeks or months if required.

In order to both encrypt and decrypt securely while optimising performance, Autoform DM makes use of a hybrid (symmetric + asymmetric) encryption method. Documents and files are encrypted using AES (256 bit), with the encryption key stored in the header of the document. This key is then encrypted using RSA (2048 bit), with the key being held in the Autoform DM keystore.

Elastic Document Keys

An indefinite number of keys can now be stored against your documents giving you the flexibility to store your data how you want.

As key definitions are created or deleted, the database is updated in an elastic manner to ensure only the required number of columns exist. Gone is the hard link to the legacy SKEY/NKEY/DKEY naming conventions from previous versions. However, we have introduced a way to continue supporting these naming conventions for older integrations and Autoform DM Client applications. A new administration page has been added to the UI to enable you to easily manage the mapping of key definitions to their appropriate legacy identifier's.

While legacy webservice integrations that use old identifiers will continue to work as a result of this new mapping configuration, they will not have access to more than 55 keys.
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